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How to Hijack a Free Nation

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posted on Jan, 15 2007 @ 10:25 PM

Admittedly, this post and Topic is born of what SO has referred to as “familiarity frustration” in posts elsewhere on ATS. In my short but, I feel, productive tenure as an ATS Member I am beginning to realize that the rarest thing on ATS anymore is an Intelligent Exchange. To exemplify this, I cite this Thread; ;
in which one Alan950 claims that he is John Titor. Well, what if he is/isn’t? Is the idea of it really worth the data space to comment? Are there not far more serious subjects to discuss? I think so, and I would love to see that happen up here. Regards such wastes of space and time, I subscribe to the sage advice of one Abraham Lincoln, to wit; “It is better to remain silent and be thought a Fool, then to speak and remove all doubt”. My point is that, in some few cases, the best way to Deny Ignorance is to ignore it. I have serious doubts that I am the only one laughing my butt off at the exchange cited above.

That brings me to the subject, How to Hijack a Free Nation.
I have been a Conspiracy Theorist since the Kennedy Assassination, and that is a long time. Conspiracy Theory, (hereinafter, “CT”), has gotten a bad rap over the years, and there is really no good reason why that is, other than Ignorance as to what the true nature of CT is. The true nature of CT is both a School of Thought and a research-based analytical Science not unlike Forensics and Criminal Investigations. Basic to the understanding of CT is that CT NEVER makes the statement, “This (event, etc.) IS a Conspiracy!”; rather, it ASKS, “IS this a Conspiracy, or a series of Coincidence?”, at least in the beginning. Between the former and the latter, are days, weeks, months, and even years, of Research and comparative analysis. That said, let me state that, in the sense of purity, one who calls himself a CT necessarily encompasses the antecedent of CT, and that is Coincidence Theory. Over time, one will outstrip the other, and which is a matter determined by research. For example, in the 9/11, the Govt. has stated that the two Towers and Building 7 collapsed due to damage from fire and the impact of the Planes. In other words, that three buildings designed to be fire resistant and take the full impact of a fully loaded commercial airliner and survive, ALL collapsed due to Coincidence. What is at play here is initial design, construction, and the Law of Averages. The odds are astronomically AGAINST any “coincidental” collapse. Had 2 buildings collapsed, then it would be safe to assume that it was due to coincidental, or collateral, cause, but three is a major stretch of the mind. Why?—because of the WAY the buildings collapsed. That is enough to give an example. In closing this section out, let me just state the, YES, 9/11 was a Conspiracy, and there can be no doubt of it. The question, however, is WHO’S Conspiracy?. Was it Al Qaeda or our own Govt. –or both? The other question, and that regarding the postulated involvement of our own Leaders, is, “Why?”

“Why” is the ultimate question, and finding a clear answer to all that this single word asks and entails is the driving force behind CT in the same way and for the same reason as Forensic and Criminal Science. “Why” is the Holy Grail of this endeavor. It is also called “Motive”. So, in the case of 9/11, the question becomes a matter of Reasons, and Motive. In the case of Al Qaeda, Motive may not be as obvious as it seems, and in exploring that angle, one comes up with far more questions than answers. For instance, don’t you think the Al Qaeda point would have been better served had they crashed several hijacked aircraft into, say, a few Public Schools instead of an office building?

Whether Al Qaeda or our Own, or both, makes no difference. What does make a very telling difference is that the incident itself has been seized by “opportunists” within, and without, the US Government to further the cause of the NWO. Further, 5 years down the road, this postulate is the most important. What I am saying is that 9/11 itself, and the CT activity that has followed it, have served as the major smoke-screen and vessel for implantation of disinformation designed to do nothing short of DISTRACT the interested population of this Country, and others, from what is really occurring. The Motive is simple, and the perpetrators are Criminally Insane. The Motive is as old as Humanity—Absolute Power. Money? No. That Money is Power is a Myth. Control is Power, Money is paper.

Because of the perceived Fear generated by 9/11, an incident with the Aura of Pearl Harbor, and the continuing Real or Contrived threat of Terrorism, these Opportunists have been able to establish a framework which has PROVED to be designed to undermine your Liberty, Freedom, and Constitutional Rights, Criminalize normal actions, limit your ability to move, and force you to bend to the ill-advised Will of Government “Assignees”. Your Privacy has been invaded to the extent that your phone conversations and internet communications can be monitored and recorded, your 1st Class mail opened and read, your property entered and personal property seized without notice or Warrant, you can be detained in jails without charges with no right of Habeas Corpus. Further, your newborn can be “chipped” without your consent or knowledge in several States. Further, the President may declare Martial Law at any time he likes, and for any reason, real or contrived, without the consent of the Congress. Declaration of War is the same.
All of this done in the name of “Safety and Wellbeing” and under the auspices of the War on Terror. Absolutely NONE of these measures are really necessary to fight Terrorism, but they are certainly necessary to exact critical control over a populous if the intent is to assume dictatorial power over that population.


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posted on Jan, 15 2007 @ 10:27 PM
Merely pointing fingers at individuals or groups as Conspirators is NOT CT. It is not the job or goal of CT to point fingers, at least, prematurely. Rather, it is the job of CT to investigate and gather evidences, both hard and circumstantial, weight it against what is known and unknown, and come up with one or several most likely conclusions. When dealing with possible conspiracy of the size and nature of 9/11, where Government and Public Officials may be involved, it needs to be understood and dealt with that the vast majority of evidence will be circumstantial in nature. The reason is because, if the Conspiracy is indeed real, you are not dealing with petty crooks, you are dealing with criminal genius; persons intelligent and aware enough to understand the possible cost of leaving a clear trail that can be easily traced.
Those of us who practice CT as the scientific investigation that it certainly is, are also aware that the WOT, NWO, and 9/11 have become a classic PsyOps operation, using the layering effect achieved when the initial smoke screen is enhanced by the implantation of disinformation, false leads, and “halls of mirrors”, designed to do no less than Distract and Re-direct focus anywhere else but on the facts. It is an old ploy and we have all seen it before. Though we old timers at this game know it, I am quite sure that the younger and less experienced set does not know it or understand it. That idea has pretty commonly obviated itself here on ATS as well as almost all of the other Conspiracy Forums I have visited. For Example, and a classic one at that, I cite the two current threads, “A 737 hit the Pentagon”, and, “A 737 did NOT hit the Pentagon”. Let me give you a 3rd Choice. “Nothing hit the Pentagon”. (The explosion was that of a shaped charge or charges planted in the inner ring to blow outward, and exploded on command from an overflying Military Jet. Such would explain the Holes left, decreasing in diameter as one moves inward. NO, this is not a true postulation.) My point is that we have talked the relative merits of the Pentagon Plane (or not) literally to death, and the only thing that has come of it is argument, finger pointing, and more confusion of the issue. Don’t make the fatal mistake of aiding and abetting the Distraction Factor by focusing on conjectures like this. Having tunnel vision in CT is a fatal condition.
A word about CENTCOM and PsyOps. Don’t be fooled. The fact is that, Yes, CENTCOM personnel do become members of Forums like ATS for various reasons. They watch what is said, and we know it and are used to it. They also use Forums and other internet structures to disseminate disinformation. They will also use every mind game tactic in the book to get you off focus. Play it smart and don’t be so quick to jump at bait.
To Hijack a Free Nation, you MUST control the population so as to be able to quickly put down any resistance or insurrection. I am passing this to you because it is the truth, and the major components of such a system are in place now in the US. I am passing this because I am a Patriot with a deep concern that mine and your Freedom is at stake. From my point of reference, there is a more dangerous Enemy of Freedom than Al Qaeda, and right here in our own country. Don’t let them Hijack America and our Freedom.

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posted on Jan, 16 2007 @ 12:03 AM
I am glad I clicked on this thread. I am not glad that you received zero replies.

The familiarity frustration is hard hitting, and is irritated further when the bulk of ATS decides to add their .02 to silly, worthless threads, instead of important ones such as this.

We are dealing with criminal genius. We are also dealing with an event that to any intelligent person is very improbable given the laws of physics.

Unfortunately I have nothing more to offer at this time. Keep it up!


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