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What if all the conspiracies was one big one?

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posted on Jan, 14 2007 @ 06:36 PM
couldn't be? well I have some links that just might change you're mind.
If you see were this government is going, you might want to take a look at where they have been: Fraud, after fraud, after fraud,

knowledge that they do not want the people to know.

whats the reason for this? Control.

Out There TV: (Non-Government controlled News Station)

Forum, Videos, Websites, Articles:

Read, watch , monitor, question and investigate make you're own conclusion, then tell everyone what you think is really going on. If you just take around 20 minutes of your time and just "Google" the right kind of questions, you will find the right answers. You will soon that if this kind of stuff is true, then we truly live in a different world as we know it.

you have eyes, see, hear, and think for yourself and don't let anyone else convince you different.


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