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God Help Me. Anyone?

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posted on Jan, 14 2007 @ 01:23 AM
I'm not religious but I like to believe theres a being out there who knows what situation I'm in at all times, who is capable of rescuing me. My body is trapped in this dark sinister realm of so-called Earth and it's medieval hatred ways of war and poverty. Darkness ruled Universe of demons and antichrists. Sick of it I am, though here I am to live my life out on this plain of false existance until my artificially created soul ends. Free my Spirit, I must. People who I know say that others are stupid'er than themselves, but really they are too. I witness it, I pity it. I don't believe or use the word hate because, it is a strong word that only means feeding anger. I will get mad, but to innevitably end it with forgiveness. This is me, all my life. Everywhere I go of supposedly normal-ways is not certain. People everywhere around me, I see monsters. Am I an Angel I say? No one not even I can say such a holy thing. It's in the path that follows, no words or belief, just the unrecorded flow. Ready to die, I am yes. Only to leave to a higher plain or in eternal peace. A fight for the team of Good, I am a player of.


posted on Jan, 14 2007 @ 01:35 AM
Sounds to me like you are too willing to accept only the negative. Take a look around and see the good that happens everyday. If you dont like the way things are do something positive to change it.
Check out this thread of chisslers, good things and good people are out there doing these unselfish acts everyday.
On the whole lifes pretty good and way too short to focus on the dark/negative aspects of the world.
Talk to someone you love or trust it sounds like you need to vent.

Take it easy M4S.

posted on Jan, 14 2007 @ 01:47 AM
I absolutely feel the same way. No matter how you slice it, the world sucks. And you sliced it a rather good one if you ask me

My question to you is, do you assume that this being who will save you is your creator, the one who put you in this mess, or is it something else, something greater perhaps?

Don't forget about yourself either, maybe you are a bigger part of the answer than you think.

I think you will be fine, you say you always forgive, and that says a good deal about your strength in my opinion. Just remember your world is your world. It is what you make it. Every choice in your life is your own, even how you see things...


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