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The Movie Jackass Number Two Made Me Sick...

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posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 04:30 PM
Linky to the info for those that don't know the movie.

I really don't know how this film passes for entertainment.
I found myself skipping through scenes at the beginning after cringing over some of the stunts, but once the guy put the plastic bubble on his head and I saw the vomit, I was sick.
That's when I shut off the movie and tossed it under the sofa.

I didn't see the first incarnation of Jackass, but I get the idea that these guys have a large following.
My question is WHY????
Why would anyone want to watch this trash ?

I bought the DVD from a friend that needed a little cash yesterday and I've already had two people ask to borrow the damn thing.
All I could say was "No".
I wasn't about to lend a movie that disgusting to my friends or family out of respect for their own sensibilities.

Is society no better than Roman era slaughters in a coliseum ?
Are we still savages that want to watch our fellow man in pain ?

It just makes me sick that we call this disgusting trash entertainment........

posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 05:53 PM
I am glad your frustration was vented towards the consumer, and not Knoxville, Steve-0, Bam, etc. These guys are criticized on a regular basis, and I find no reasoning for it. Look what they have done. They have achieved rockstar popularity, and for what? Making complete asses out of themself. It is utter brilliance. They beat the snot out of one another, video tape it, sell it, and watch the millions roll in.

They do some stunts that make you scratch your head and go "Why?". But at the same time, there are far worse things on a daily news cast. Child molestation, rape, murder, etc., are all crimes we are inundated with on a daily basis. It is these hilights that have me cringing every night.

When I watch Jackass, I own both movies, I do nothing but laugh. Some stuff is disturbing, and I may skip those scenes, but the fact these guys have done what they have done, it is amazing. They don't have to work a 9-5 job, their only responsibility in life is to make sure they have a video camera near by.

I'm glad you have understood the problem here is "us" and not "them". If we seen them for what they really are, bums who don't want a real job who inflict pain for pleasure, they would be in the unemployment line or doing their best to actually find a 9-5 job. Mainly due to the fact that the general public would ask them, "What the hell are you doing?" Rather than the current, "That's Hilarious!".

I am a fan of Jackass, I don't try to hide it. I respect their work, as misguide as it may appear to be. Anyone who can do what they do, and live the life they do, has to be respected.


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