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Real ID or just another way to control the masses

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posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 02:05 PM
pop some popcorn.. this is a long one.........
Some of you may remember the Real ID Act HR 418 passed back in 2005...yes PASSED in 2005. It was tacked onto the 2005 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Defense, Global War on Terror and Tsunami Relief. In short it requires all States to meet certain minimum ID standards for type of info on drivers licences and that they be machine readable and contain biometric data but, they have not said exactly what the official requirements will be.. The Federal Govt says that it will voluntary...but the Feds will not recognize other state issued IDs so you will not be able to fly, gather S.S., enter Federal buildings or have a valid ID in order to deal with anything on a Federal level.

The REAL ID Act establishes a national ID card by mandating that states include certain minimum identification standards on driver's licenses. It contains no limits on the government's power to impose additional standards. Indeed, it gives authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to unilaterally add requirements as he sees fit.

The HR418 also gives the Sec. of Fatherland Security the ability to require more info to be placed on the card which could include, S.S. number, medical credit, bank, basically any thing to ‘make us safer’...

"Supporters claim it is not a national ID because it is voluntary. However, any state that opts out will automatically make non-persons out of its citizens. The citizens of that state will be unable to have any dealings with the federal government because their ID will not be accepted. They will not be able to fly or to take a train. In essence, in the eyes of the federal government they will cease to exist. It is absurd to call this voluntary." Congressman Ron Paul

To top it off there will be a central database to house all this info and apparently will be able to be shared with Mexico and Canada. 1 (Think NAU) If you need to show an ID to buy something, will it be logged in this database?? Cigs, alcohol, guns what else have you’ve been asked to show ID for? The implications are staggering.
implications for gunowners

Who pays for it all?? 3 it has not really been discused yet but the state will begin paying for it at the begining. I’m sure the cost will be passed of the you and me..I wonder how much the new IDs will cost.

The report, "The Real ID Act: National Impact Analysis," does not say whether the cost of implementation will be passed on to drivers and holders of state identification cards. But Homeland Security officials said the price of similar new smart cards for 750,000 workers at ports and other transportation facilities will be about $140 each.

Finally, here is another disturbing provision in the Real ID Act

Section 102 of H.R. 418 would amend the current provision to require the Secretary of Homeland Security to waive any law upon determining that a waiver is necessary for the expeditious construction of the border barriers. Additionally, it would prohibit judicial review of a waiver decision or action by the Secretary and bar judicially ordered compensation or injunction or other remedy for damages alleged to result from any such decision or action.

This gives DHS imunity from the courts when it comes to building border fences,checkpoints ect. Could the govt use this provision on other pieces of legislature?
very intersing link with links
just setting us up for a wider use of this clause and the Real ID Act will be cited as the precedent.

One last thing, will this make America safer? How many illegal aliens are living here already and for how long. They have gotten by without valid Ids.
That is up to question but what we do know is that it will cost us ALOT of money, set up a central database of personal info that is controled by the govt (you know what kind of track record they have) and since the cards will be machine readable..possible rfid chips...think about id theft and just how much info could be stolen!! and since it is 'voluntary' it will make of those who chose not to have a National ID Card.
The implication of this are staggering and it has marched along with LITTLE to NO discussion in the public eye. Well played NWO....

some linksvery good cnn article

violation of US laws and international treaty

one last link with links

I urge Americans to read up on this....and check out the way i could post all the info so i included alot of links

posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 02:26 PM
sorry, i got so excited that i forgot to add when this is suppose to come into effect...March of 2008...

posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 02:34 PM
H.R. 418 EH that "passed" in '05 was but just that, passed by the house. The arguments given in your post are valid arguments, but arguments against the House draft, none the less.

However, the Real ID Act was scrutinized with utmost ability by all members of the Senate, very carefully I might add. Who in their right mind would allow such actions to be taken against the American citizens?

Oh wait a minute! The legislative branch would!

H.R. 1268 - Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief, 2005 (Enrolled as Agreed to or Passed by Both House and Senate)
- This bill includes a section that was once the Real ID Act.

May 2008, a new driver's license and/or a National ID will be issued (beginning 3 years from date of enactment (signing) according the Act and will incorporate the following items.

* The person's full legal name.
* The person's date of birth.
* The person's gender.
* The person's driver's license or identification card number.
* A digital photograph of the person.
* The person's address of principle residence.
* The person's signature.
* Physical security features designed to prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or duplication of the document for fraudulent purposes.
* A common machine-readable technology, with defined minimum data elements.

Sec. 202.(a)(1)"IN GENERAL- Beginning 3 years after the date of the enactment of this division, a Federal agency may not accept, for any official purpose, a driver's license or identification card issued by a State to any person unless the State is meeting the requirements of this section." - source - "Real ID" begins on page 81

Now, "How does this affect me?", you might ask. If you read the Act, you will see a list of definitions used under Title II --Improved Security For Drivers' Licenses And Personal Identification Cards. The following definitions, as set forth by H.R. 1268 are of the most importance, because the give final authority and final discretion to the Secretary of Homeland Security, and they also leave it to the "final discretion" of the Secretary of Homeland Security to define "minimum data elements"
Official Purpose

* Sec. 201 #3) - "The term official purpose includes but is not limited to accessing Federal facilities, boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft, entering nuclear power plants, and any other purposes that the Secretary shall determine."


* Sec. 205.(a) - "Participation of Secretary of Transportation and States- All authority to issue regulations, set standards, and issue grants under this title shall be carried out by the Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of Transportation and the States."

Minimum Document Requirements and Issuance Standards for Federal Recognition

* Sec. 202 (b)(9) - "A common machine-readable technology, with defined minimum data elements."

The issue of "defined minimum data elements" has been brought up on the Congressional floor as to what those "elements" could be.

"This legislation gives authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to expand required information on driver’s licenses, potentially including such biometric information as retina scans, finger prints, DNA information, and even Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) radio tracking technology. Including such technology as RFID would mean that the federal government, as well as the governments of Canada and Mexico, would know where Americans are at all time of the day and night." - Hon. Ron Paul of Texas - source


I couldn't agree with you more, clearmind. The Real ID Act, as added into H.R. 1268 ENR, signed by Bush in May 2005, is a very very bad deal. Unfortunately for the millions of apathetic people in America, this was and continues to be, allowed to march on un-noticed.

When this bill was signed by our President, the one that swore to uphold the Constitution, it was a very sad day for every single freedom loving American.

[edit on 1/13/2007 by Infoholic]

posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 11:54 PM
I will not be complying with this id.

They have no right to that kind of info.

posted on Jan, 14 2007 @ 12:22 AM
I fully concur shooter...

I won't get the National ID card.

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