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China Reports Human Bird Flu Infection

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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 04:55 PM
A 37 year-old Chinese man became symptomatic with bird flu on 10 December 2006. He was hospitalised on 17 December 2006 and discharged on 6 January - but the source of infection has not been confirmed. Investigations are underway to determine how the man became infected.

Officials say that the man's infection is not associated with any poultry outbreak.

China Reports New Case Of Bird Flu

Health officials from China are reporting a new case of bird flu - the first in the last six months.

How the man contracted the virusis not currently known. However, officials say that his illness is not associated with any poultry outbreak.

A spokesperson for the World Health Organization (WHO) said the case warrants further monitoring.


WHO Report: Avian influenza – situation in China

10 January 2007

The Ministry of Health in China has confirmed a case of human infection with the H5N1 avian influenza virus. The case is a 37 years old man from Tunxi in Anhui Province. He became symptomatic on 10 December 2006 and was hospitalised on 17 December 2006. The patient was discharged on 6 January and is recovering well.

Information provided to WHO indicates that he was a farmer and may have kept a number of birds in his back yard. No information on possible exposure to diseased birds as the source of his infection is presently available, but an investigation is under way. Close contacts were placed under medical observation but are all well and were released on 29th December.

Of the 22 cases confirmed to date in China, 14 have been fatal.

Although the information was just released recently, the spin says the info release indicates China's willingness to be open.


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