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Is the UN a corrupt/fraudulant organisation and is their time of relevance up?

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posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 10:11 PM
G'day all,

I have been watching the United Nations for a while now and it doesn't take a wise man to see that everything that is in the UN charter, all that they are supposed to uphold and protect is only relevant to them if it fits into their own personal agendas. What Im trying to say is that I beleive the UN to be a hypocritical organisation of international playboys who dont really give a damn for the good of the world in general. I will try and show some examples -

The Croatian and Bosnian Wars-

I dont really think I need to show any examples here fo the atrocities that were allowed to continue under the watchful eye of so called "UN Observers", without any action being taken.

Somalia -

please refer to the picture in the following article of UN 'peacekeepers' torturing a somalian 5 year old over fire, titled "Beasts in Blue Berets"

quote - "One atrocity not caught on camera involved the "punishment" of a Somali child by placing him in a metal container and withholding water from him for two days; predictably, the relentless African heat killed the child. One Belgian UN soldier testified that it was a regular practice to use metal boxes as prison cells, and that other Somalis probably died similarly gruesome deaths."

"Three members of a now-disbanded elite Canadian paratroop regiment were tried and convicted of criminal charges in the beating death of a 16-year-old Somali boy named Shidane Arone; the three "peacekeepers" had been photographed smiling beside the bloody corpse of the boy, whose hands had been bound"

Sudan -

Titled - "UN troops raping children - report"

quote - "The Daily Telegraph of London reported today that UN peacekeepers and civilian staff were raping and abusing children as young as 12 in southern Sudan."

"The newspaper, in a story posted on its website, said it had gathered accounts from more than 20 young victims in the town of Juba of UN civilian and peacekeeping staff forcing them to have sex."

"The newspaper said Sudan's government had gathered evidence including video footage of UN workers having sex with young girls."

Congo -

titled - U.N. Sex Crimes in Congo

quote - "Widespread allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse of Congolese women, boys and girls have been made against U.N. personnel who were sent to help and protect them — despite a so-called zero tolerance policy touted by the United Nations toward such behavior.

The range of sexual abuse includes reported rapes of young Congolese girls by U.N. troops; an Internet pedophile ring run from Congo by Didier Bourguet, a senior U.N. official from France; a colonel from South Africa accused of molesting his teenage male translators; and estimates of hundreds of underage girls having babies fathered by U.N. soldiers who have been able to simply leave their children and their crimes behind. "

Haiti -

titled 'UN Atrocities Alleged in Haiti'

quote - "According to the eyewitness account from a Haitian (who shall remain anonymous for this report) who was present in Cite Soleil during the operation and who did get some film footage of the operation as it unfolded, a very different picture emerges. Like the official UN account, he reported that UN forces surrounded Cite Soleil, as stated by UN military command staff, sealing off the alleys with tanks [APCs] and troops. He reported that UN forces concentrated on the Cite Soleil districts of Boisneuf and Project Drouillard. He further reported that not one, but two helicopters flew overhead.

From this point on, his account diverges considerably from the official UN account. He reported that at 4:30 AM, UN forces launched the offensive, shooting into houses, shacks, a church, and a school with machine guns, APC cannons, and tear gas. The eyewitness reported that when people fled to escape the tear gas, UN troops gunned them down from the back.

UN forces shot out electric transformers in the neighborhood. People were killed in their homes and also just outside of their homes, on the way to work. "

What the hell is going on with the one organisation that is supposed to uphold the basic human right of everyone on this planet? If they cant lead by example, then they are destined to failure as the 'League of Nations' before it. Why is it that the media tries to hide these examples of UN attrocities when it is ok to boast of attrocities by other evil doers, is the UN not an evil-doer itself?

Who else beleives that the UN is a spent force, totaly irrelevant in todays political climate, and should be disbanded totaly and the money that nations contribute to it should be put elsewhere to look after their own people and not a private playboys club for the rich and corrupt!

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 08:33 AM
Is the UN corrupt…it has shown itself to be and many will agree that UN peacekeeping has failed miserably…In addition to what you have listed: UNIFIL, East Timor, Sierra Leone, etc.….and don’t leave out the enormous atrocity that occurred under the watchful eye of the UN, UN peacekeepers and its’ leadership:

In February 2002, the Rwandan government released the results of the first major census that sought to establish the number of people killed in the genocide and during its prelude period (1990-94). It found that 1,074,017 people -- approximately one-seventh of the total population -- were murdered, with Tutsis accounting for 94 percent of the victims. ("More Than One Million Rwandans Killed in 1990's," Associated Press dispatch, February 14, 2002.) Source
Kofi Annan and the Rwandan Genocide

But is it the structure of the UN peacekeeping that creates the problems, which is why many support revising/reforming the peacekeeping sector of the UN.

Since the end of the cold war, the role of the UN peacekeeper has changed dramatically…with no change in structure. For example, each mission is its’ own entity, often the ROE is not exactly clear, the UN must solicit troops from willing member states, the troops provided have little to no experience, are poorly equipped, zero continuity in operations, little communication with indigenous troops, poor in self policing, very little exit strategy etc. etc..

The UN does a good job, however, in attempting to deliver humanitarian aid, circumventing the need for future aid and providing a forum to voice international grievances. Albeit, the UN is in need of serious reform...yet without the UN, imo, we all would be far worse off…

But as far as settling problems by resolution or martial presence…the UN is only as good as the sum of its’ parts.


posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 09:06 AM
The UN is complete and utter waste of time, money, resources and political capital. I wouldn't be more pleased than to see the US banish this fraudulent organization to the scrap heap of history! Sadly, since this is the pre-cursor to the NWO, we are stuck with it and it's ilk! IMO, whatever the UN supports, the opposite is what would ACTUALLY benefit mankind.

Please disband this pisspoor excuse for a global peace-keeping body!


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