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Newz Forum: OTHER: COLLEGE: Hall of Fame Temple coach Chaney announces retirement

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posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 03:42 PM
After a succesful, and by many accounts controversial, career as Head Coach of the Temple University Owls basketball team, John Chaney is retiring after this season. No mater what you have to say about the man, you do have to give him respect. He taught his players how to be men, and recruited the guys from inner cities, instilling a sense of workmanship into his players. Controversial or not, the ranks of coaches have lost a great member.

Story Link

John Chaney's scowl was gone, the dark, deep-set eyes concealed behind sunglasses.

The raspy voice, which has boomed to the upper deck of many arenas, was hushed. It was perhaps one final, subdued look at a Hall of Fame basketball coach who realized it was time to leave Temple.

This was indeed a different Chaney.

"Excuse me while I disappear," Chaney said, his shirt unbuttoned and his unraveled tie draped over his shoulders.

With those words, Chaney left the podium Monday and retired after 24 seasons at Temple, ending a 34-year coaching career of fatherly off-the-court mentoring that was sometimes overshadowed by a temper that got the better of him.

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