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Recent News in E Vote accountability [USA]

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posted on Dec, 11 2003 @ 01:35 PM
Links stolen from Slashdot but buttered with my own style:

We all know diebold backed off from suing edu institutions. What we don't know is that if they had taken the case to court and lost they would set a precedent. That's why they backed off.

From sustained activism the lower levels of the media are finally picking the dangers up. Will that be enough? What legislative action are we seeing?

I present thee a link roll:

Nevada. Smart state. Got a lot of slot machines. Rigorous rules to make one. Decided there's no reason a voting machine shouldn't follow the same rules. (Isn't that funny? Gambling machines are regulated better than voting machines in most states? LMAO.
) Senator Dean Heller is requiring a paper trail: On Nevada voting machines in general:

Next. The enemy has banded together and created a monster known as ETC: Think about that. Those companies responsible for constructing the new channels of democracy are banding together to have more bargaining power.

Senator Bob Graham (D-Florida), god bless his soul, requires a voter verified audit trail, bans the use of "undisclosed" software and wireless communication for software ... all for Nov 2004.

Rep. Holt requires similarly with I hope the powers that be won't block the bill based on time frame issues. We need a semblance of democracy NOW, not later.

Another email representing Diebold's intention to Maryland:

Life's sweet. Eat it up.

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