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Newz Forum: GOLF: Bunker bother in store for Open

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posted on Jan, 13 2005 @ 11:00 AM
All will not be what it appears when golf's greatest players stand on one particular tee during the Open championship at St Andrews in July.

In rebuilding 94 of the 112 bunkers on the Old Course it was decided to hide one more of them from view. The face of the trap guarding the green at the driveable par four 12th has been lowered eight inches and the area above it turfed over so that, like others on the hole, it becomes invisible from the tee.

Head greenkeeper Euan Grant said: "Like the Road Bunker (on the 17th), which has been extended by three feet, this was a matter agreed between the Links Trust Green Sub-Committee and the Royal and Ancient Club.

"They wanted us to play with the golfer's mind. He will know there is plenty of trouble down there on the fairway, but he won't be sure exactly where it is."

The rebuilding work was completed in mid-December, two weeks ahead of schedule, with over 12,000 square metres of turf being used in the project. Wind and erosion subjected all the bunkers to some change over time and the key task was to make sure they continue to gather the ball. Contouring work has been done in the vicinity of some bunkers to ensure they keep playing in the traditional way.

Tiger Woods did not visit a single trap in winning at the course in 2000 but there are several new tees for this year's event. The bunkers will be out of play until April, when one crucial ingredient will be added - sand.



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