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Newz Forum: BASKETBALL: Rudy T. hopes Lakers can cook up teamwork

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posted on Oct, 6 2004 @ 09:36 PM
SAN DIEGO (AP) Rudy Tomjanovich sounded more like a chef than the first-year coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

"If you are making soup, you have all those ingredients in there, but now they're starting to mix together," Tomjanovich said Tuesday. "You have those spices going and all that stuff and we are just putting those ingredients together right now."

Tomjanovich put the Lakers through a rigorous workout on the second day of training camp at the University of San Diego. He planned a full scrimmage Tuesday night.

With nine new players in camp, it's no wonder Tomjanovich is talking about developing team chemistry.

"I don't know what the end result is going to be on certain plays, certain things, that's the magic of teamwork," he said. "Things will develop as the season goes on, new relationships on the floor with different players."

One of those players is Lamar Odom, who came over in the trade that sent Shaquille O'Neal to Miami. Tomjanovich would like to see Odom work well with Kobe Bryant.

"He's such a versatile player and I just think he's going to be a very big factor in our team," Tomjanovich said. "He can play so many positions. The ball is going to go through Kobe and Lamar and they're going to be the playmakers too.

Odom said he has "a little reconciliation to do with the city of L.A. for my play with the Clippers" from 1999-2003.

"Last time I would say I left on a downswing," Odom said. "Now I'm back on the upswing and am going to do things the right way playing for the greatest franchise in the sport's history, the Yankees of basketball."

Odom is also looking forward to playing with Bryant.

"I look to Kobe Bryant to be Kobe Bryant," Odom said. "He's great on the court, he's great a person off the court. If we follow his lead we'll be all right."

Tomjanovich liked hearing Odom compare the Lakers to the New York Yankees.

"This is a big deal," Tomjanovich said. "You look up in the arena and see all the great players who have played there. And now we are a part of it. You want to live up to that standard."

Bryant said he shares Tomjanovich's vision for an up-tempo team - "Getting out on the break, creating some turnovers with our defense and getting out running and creating as many easy opportunities as we can."

"At the same time we're going to be a very skilled team in a halfcourt setting," Bryant said. "You can't be a completely up-and-down type of team without having a clear concept of a halfcourt game."


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