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Newz Forum: OTHER: Drug allegations

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posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 10:30 PM
Whats with everybody in sports now being accused of using some sort of drugs. Just because they can complete something in record times and do it over and over again, because of HARD work ethics mean that they have to be on drugs to get this far? I dont think so, everybody has been floating this around since the steriod use has been brought up in the MLB now everybody is thinking that anybody in sports are using drugs.

Everybody at some time is going to question everybody in every sport just because they are bigger and stronger than some poeple. They are bigger and stronger than some people beacuase of two things, 1.. the work harder than most of us and are more psyhically active. 2. most of us dont spend nearly as much time in the gym as sport althetes do and put ourselves at that much demand.

Why must everbody assocaited in sports must be taking some form of drug. Its not right to throw this around like this, unless they have some kindof proof. Its not right to go out and try to tarnish some names such as Lance Armstrong, who of all people are known for hard work especailly after his ride with testicular cancer. And has been litterally a machine on the bike. Has anybody read his book, if you havent i suggest you go out and buy it and see for yourself.

Most poeple are hard workers its a same that some go out and ruin it for all the sports atheltes that work hard.


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