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Newz Forum: BOXING: Klitschkos terminate contract with their German promoter

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posted on May, 18 2004 @ 08:06 PM
HAMBURG, Germany (AP) - The lawyer for WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko and younger brother Wladimir said Monday the two fighters have terminated their contract with their German promoter.

The Klitschkos informed Hans-Peter Kohl and Universum Box Promotions of their decision on May 4. It is the latest attempt by the two brothers to escape the contract with the German promoter, who has handled their careers since they turned pro in 1996.

"I have the impression that the cord between the two parties is now cut," lawyer Sebastian Cording said.

The two Ukrainian fighters are upset that the German boxing federation's (BDB) slapped a six-month ban for medical reasons on Wladimir following his April 10 knockout by Lamon Brewster in a WBO title fight.

"We see here tricks to prolong our contract for as long as possible," Vitali said at the brothers' press conference in Moscow on Monday. "BDB legislation stipulates that a maximum suspension after a technical knockout is six weeks."

The Klitschkos lost an attempt in April to end their relationship with Universum in a German court, where they fought a clause that automatically extended their contract - which would have lapsed on April 30 - by the amount of time they were sidelined by injuries or illness.

Wladimir is now bound to Universum until Aug. 22 and Vitali until May 20, 2005 unless the brothers win another upcoming court battle.

Wladimir said he plans to fight again in September or October.

"I am 100 percent healthy, as doctors say, 'ready to fly to space,"' Wladimir said.

Cording accused Kohl of wanting to milk Vitali's newfound popularity by trying to schedule a July 31 fight for the WBC champion against an unnamed opponent.

Cording called the ruling which doesn't allow Wladimir to fight for six months illegal, saying it isn't supported by the German federation's laws.

However, the federation says it can legally extend a minimum six-week ban on any fighter, especially since the younger Klitschko has yet to undergo a medical checkup by German doctors.

Brewster knocked out Klitschko in the fifth round.

"Without a diagnosis we're not letting him in the ring," German Boxing Federation president Bodo Eckmann said.

In Moscow, Vitali reiterated the brothers' dream to become world champions at the same time.

"Unfortunately our promises were only half fulfilled," Vitali said, as he showed off his green WBC belt earned for beating Corrie Sanders on April 24.

"But we hope that ... will be able to realize our dream of simultaneously becoming world champions in ... different boxing organizations."

Vitali hoped there would be a probe into why blood tests taken from Wladimir right after his loss to Brewster revealed his sugar levels were four times higher than normal.

"I hope that ... relevant authorities will find out the reason for such a high sugar level in Wladimir's blood," Vitali Klitschko said. "If some machinations are uncovered, the results of the match will be annulled and Wladimir gets an opportunity to compete for the title with Lamon Brewster a second time."

Another attorney for Wladimir Klitschko, Judd Burstein, has asked for a U.S. federal investigation of the loss, citing mysterious circumstances surrounding the fight.

Vitali said he sold his boxer's shorts from the fight for ?50,000 (US$60,000) last week, and was donating the money to a charity for children from third world countries.

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