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posted on Apr, 9 2004 @ 06:11 PM

Joe Louis burst onto the professional boxing scene in 1934 with style and skill such as the boxing world has seldom seen. Known to many as the "Brown Bomber," Louis emerged victorious from his first 27 fights, all but four of which he won in knockouts. In the early days of his career, he destroyed such great heavyweight fighters as Stanley Poreda, Natie Brown, and Rosco Toles. It was here that Louis delivered to the entire world a premonition of the reign of domination that he was to begin.


Joe Louis Barrow was born on May 13, 1914. His father, "Mun Barrow," was a cotton picker from Alabama and his family fought with poverty for most of his childhood. His family moved to Detroit in 1924, at which point Joe first became involved in boxing. Having grown up in the Old South, Louis had acquired the instinct and anger of a true fighter, even amidst the evils of racial discrimination and intolerance. His early career was a period of hard work and determination, and was one without glamour or fame. Ten years after his arrival in Detroit, Louis won the Golden Gloves as a light heavyweight. Following this win, Louis turned professional and won twelve contests within the first year. The first few years of Louis' pro career involved a steady ascension up the pyramid of the Heavyweight class. His boxing prowess, as well as his reputation, was growing at an incredible rate. In June of 1935, he fought Primo Carnera, the former heavyweight champion, before a Yankee Stadium crowd of 62,000. Louis followed this fight with a pairing against Max Baer, who he defeated by knockout in the fourth round. Ernest Hemingway described this fight as "the most disgusting public spectacle outside of a public hanging" that he had ever seen.

Joe Louis was seemingly invincible, until his meeting with Max Schmeling on June 19, 1936. Schmeling was the underdog but, to the surprise of all, gave Louis a defeat that would continue to sting long after the cuts had healed. Louis was counted out in the 12th round of this lengthy fight and suffered the first and most painful defeat of his boxing career.

In 1937, Louis faced world heavyweight champion James J. Braddock in Chicago. In an eight round match, Louis captured the heavyweight title of the world by knocking Braddock out. After this victory, Louis stated, "I don't want nobody to call me champ until I beat Schmeling." Louis had ascended to the top of the boxing world, but in his estimate his journey was far from complete. His embarrassing loss to Max Schmeling was the only dark spot on a career that otherwise was the stuff of dreams, and he was consumed by a desire for revenge.

Following this successful title defense against Welsh boxer Tommy Farr in a 15-round marathon match, Louis initiated his "Bum of the Month" campaign. The idea was for Louis to take on a variety of fighters, whether they were contenders or not.

During this period, on the day of June 22, 1938, Louis once again took on the only opponent who had ever beaten him, Max Schmeling. This time around, Louis knocked Schmeling out and captured the admiration of countless Americans. Louis gained a moral victory for himself and for his country, and simultaneously struck a damaging blow to Hitler and his pretentious beliefs.

Louis' first punches, a pair of powerful left hooks, began his opponent's eventual demise. Schmeling complained bitterly about being hit with foul kidney punches, but every punch was a fair one. The fight was nothing short of ridiculous, with Schmeling falling to the floor in just two minutes and four seconds.

It was this time period that bore witness to Louis' reign of terror in the heavyweight boxing world. Beginning in 1937, he began a 12-year reign as boxing's heavyweight champion of the world. During this stretch, Louis had victories over Lou Nova, Tony Galento, Gus Dorazio, Buddy Baer, and Johnny Paycheck. Louis' epic battle with Billy Conn at the Polo Grounds also occurred during this time.

In 1942, Joe Louis began a period of service in the Army and worked as a physical education teacher. It would be four years before Louis again returned to the ring. Between 1946 and 1949, Louis flawlessly defended his title four times, including two victorious fights against 'Jersey' Joe Walcott.

Louis retired in 1949, still the undefeated heavyweight champ. Succumbing to financial pressures and government debts, Louis was forced back into the ring. In 1950, he attempted to recapture his title in a bout against Ezzard Charles. However, in a points decision, Louis was handed the a loss. Not ready to accept defeat, he again tried his hand in 1951 against Rocky Marciano. During this unsuccessful return to the ring, Marciano knocked Louis through the ropes in the 8th round. This was Joe Louis' final time in the ring. He had earned $5 million in his illustrious boxing career. But at 37, Joe Louis had not a single cent to show for it. To support himself, Louis decided to make a living as a Las Vegas casino host.

Joe Louis still holds the distinction of having successfully defended his title more times than any other heavyweight in history. He knocked out five world champions and will remain a powerful part of boxing history for many decades to come. His life and success story serve as proof that black and white Americans can coexist. Joe Louis is a role model for all of us and proved that good sportsmanship can exist even in a sport as violent as boxing. When he died in 1981, Joe Louis was eulogized - and continues to be known - as one of the greatest prizefighters of all time.

Sex: Male
Nationality: United States
Alias: The Brown Bomber
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Birthplace: Lafayette, AL
Division: Heavyweight
Date of Birth: 1914-05-13
Date of Death: 1981-04-12
Age at Death: 66
Reach: 76"
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 6' 2
Trainer: Jack Blackburn
Manager: Marshall Miles

Joe Louis Career Profile

4 Jul Jack Kracken Chicago, IL KO 1
12 Jul Willie Davis Chicago, IL KO 3
30 Jul Larry Udell Chicago, IL KO 2
13 Aug Jack Kranz Chicago, IL W 8
27 Aug Buck Everett Chicago, IL KO 2
11 Sep Alex Borchuk Detroit, MI KO 4
26 Sep Adolph Wiater Chicago, IL W 10
24 Oct Art Sykes Chicago, IL KO 8
31 Oct Jack O'Dowd Detroit, MI KO 2
14 Nov Stanley Poreda Chicago, IL KO 1
30 Nov Charley Massera Chicago, IL KO 3
14 Dec Lee Ramage Chicago, IL KO 8

4 Jan Patsy Perroni Detroit, MI W 10
11 Jan Hans Birkie Pittsburgh, PA KO 10
21 Feb Lee Ramage Los Angeles, CA KO 2
8 Mar Donald "Red" Barry San Francisco, CA KO 3
28 Mar Natie Brown Detroit, MI W 10
12 Apr Roy Lazer Chicago, IL KO 3
22 Apr Biff Bennett Dayton, OH KO 2
25 Apr Roscoe Toles Flint, MI KO 6
3 May Willie Davis Peoria, IL KO 2
7 May Gene Stanton Kalamazoo, MI KO 3
25 Jun Primo Carnera New York, NY KO 6
7 Aug King Levinsky Chicago, IL KO 1
24 Sep Max Baer New York, NY KO 4
Nov Opponent Montreal Exh 4
Nov Opponent Ottowa Exh 4
Nov Opponent Toronto Exh 4
Nov Opponent Quebec Exh 4
14 Dec Paolino Uzcudun New York, NY KO 4
29 Dec Isadoro Castagana Havana Sch-x

17 Jan Charley Retzlaff Chicago, IL KO 1
19 Jun Max Schmeling New York, NY KO by 12
18 Aug Jack Sharkey New York, NY KO3
22 Sep Al Ettore Philadelphia, PA KO 5
9 Oct Jorge Brescia New York, NY KO 3
14 Oct Willie Davis South Bend, IN Exh KO 3
14 Oct KO Brown South Bend, IN Exh KO 3
20 Nov Paul Williams New Orleans, LA Exh KO 2
20 Nov Tom Jones New Orleans, LA Exh KO 3
14 Dec Eddie Simms Cleveland, OH KO 1
(Simms, stunned by a punch, turned to ref Arthur Donovan and
said "lets go for a walk on the roof."
Donovan promptly stopped the fight.)

11 Jan Steve Ketchell Buffalo, NY KO 2
29 Jan Bob Pastor New York, NY W 10
(Weights: Louis 203, Pastor 179)
17 Feb Natie Brown Kansas City, MO KO4
Apr Seal Harris Wichita, Ks EX-KO 2
-This bout was held during Apr-May 1937;
Jun Seal Harris Houston, Tx EX 2
22 Jun James Braddock Chicago, IL KO8
(Won World Heavyweight Title)
30 Aug Tommy Farr New York, NY W15
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
23 Feb Nathan Mann New York, NY KO3
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
1 Apr Harry Thomas Chicago, IL KO5
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
22 Jun Max Schmeling New York, NY KO1
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)

25 Jan John Henry Lewis New York, NY KO1
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
17 Apr Jack Roper Los Angeles, CA KO1
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
28 Jun Tony Galento New York, NY KO4
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
20 Sep Bob Pastor Detroit, MI KO11
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)

9 Feb Arturo Godoy New York, NY W15
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
29 Mar Johnny Paychek New York, NY KO2
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
2o Jun Arturo Godoy New York, NY KO8
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
16 Dec Al McCoy Boston, MA KO6
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)

31 Jan Red Burman New York, NY KO5
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
17 Feb Gus Dorazio Philadelphia, PA KO2
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
21 Mar Abe Simon Detroit, MI KO13
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
8 Apr Tony Musto St. Louis, MO KO9
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
23 May Buddy Baer Washington, DC WDQ 7
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
18 Jun Billy Conn New York, NY KO13
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
11 Jul Jim Robinson Minneapolis, MN Exh KO 1
29 Sep Lou Nova New York, NY KO6
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
25 Nov George Giambastiani Los Angeles, CA Exh 4

9 Jan Buddy Baer New York, NY KO1
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
27 Mar Abe Simon New York, NY KO6
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
5 Jun George Nicholson Fort Hamilton, NY Exh 3
12 Oct Billy Conn New York, NY Sch-x

1942-1945 Louis joined the Army and toured with the armed forces giving exhibitions
3 Nov Johnny Denson Detroit, MI Exh KO2
6 Nov Charley Crump Baltimore, MD Exh 3
9 Nov Dee Amos Hartford, CT Exh 3
13 Nov Jimmy Bell Washington, DC Exh 3
14 Nov Johnny Davis Buffalo, NY KO 1(0:56)
(Title at risk as per NY Commission Ruling; 6 oz gloves)
15 Nov Dee Amos Elizabeth, NJ Exh 3
17 Nov Dee Amos Camden, NJ Exh 3
24 Nov Dan Merritt Chicago, IL Exh 3

15 Nov Sugarlip Anderson San Francisco, CA Exh 2
15 Nov Big Boy Brown San Francisco, CA Exh 2
29 Nov Big Boy Brown Sacramento, CA Exh 2
29 Nov Bobby Lee Sacramento, CA Exh 2
10 Dec Bob Frazier Victoria, Canada Exh 3
11 Dec Big Boy Brown Portland, OR Exh 2
11 Dec Dave Johnson Portland, OR Exh 2
12 Dec Big Boy Brown Eugene, OR Exh 3
13 Dec Big Boy Brown Vancouver, Canada Exh 3

19 Jun Billy Conn New York, NY KO8
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
18 Sep Tami Mauriello New York, NY KO1
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)
11 Nov Cleo Everett Honolulu, HI Exh 4
11 Nov Wayne Powell Honolulu, HI Exh 2
25 Nov Perk Daniels Mexicali, Mexico Exh 4

7 Feb Arturo Godoy Mexico City Exh 10
10 Feb Art Ramsey San Salvador Exh 3
10 Feb Walter Hafer San Salvador Exh 3
12 Feb Art Ramsey Panama City Exh 3
19 Feb Arturo Godoy Santiago, Chile Exh 6
27 Feb Art Ramsey Medellin, Colombia Exh 2
27 Feb Walter Hafer Medellin, Colombia Exh 2
10 Mar Walter Hafer Havana Exh 2
10 Mar Art Ramsey Havana Exh 2
-- Mar Walter Hafer Trinidad Exh 2
-- Mar Baba Adams Trinidad Exh 2
6 Jun Rusty Payne San Diego, CA Exh 2
6 Jun Dick Underwood San Diego, CA Exh 2
13 Jun Tiger Jack Fox Spokane, WA Exh 4
23 Jun Harry Wills Los Angeles Exh 4

5 Dec Jersey Joe Walcott New York, NY W15
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)

29 Jan Bob Foxworth Chicago, IL Exh 4
9 Feb Leo Matriccianni Site Exh 4
25 Jun Jersey Joe Walcott New York, NY KO11
(Retained World Heavyweight Title)

30 Sep Pat Comiskey Washington, DC Exh 6
28 Oct Merritt Wynn Atlanta, GA Exh 3
28 Oct Bob Garner Atlanta, GA Exh 3
29 Oct Bob Garner Norfolk, VA Exh 4
31 Oct Bob Garner New Orleans, LA Exh 4
1 Nov Bob Garner New Orleans, LA Exh 3
3 Nov Bob Garner Nashville, TN Exh 4
8 Nov Johnny Shkor Boston, MA Exh 4
9 Nov Bernie Reynolds New Haven, CT Exh 4
17 Nov Jimmy Bivins Cleveland, OH Exh 6
19 Nov Vern Mitchell Detroit, MI Exh 6
23 Nov Kid Riviera St. Louis, MO Exh 4
24 Nov Ray Augustus Oklahoma City, OK Exh KO2
25 Nov Curt Kennedy Kansas City, MO Exh 4
29 Nov Billy Smith Cincinnati, OH Exh 4
10 Dec Billy Conn Chicago, IL Exh 6
14 Dec Arturo Godoy Philadelphia, PA Exh 6
16 Dec Pat Comiskey Patterson, NJ Exh 6
20 Dec Willie James Lewiston, ME Exh 4

10 Jan Sterling Ingram Omaha, NE Exh 4
11 Jan Orlando Ott Topeka, KS Exh 4
12 Jan Hubert Hood Witchita, KS Exh 4
17 Jan Art Swiden Toledo, OH Exh 4
18 Jan Dick Hagen Moline, IL Exh 4
19 Jan Orlando Ott Rochester, MN Exh 4
25 Jan Elmer Ray Miami, FL Exh 6
27 Jan George Fitch Palm Beach, FL Exh 4
28 Jan Nino Valdes Tampa, FL Exh 4
31 Jan Dixie Lee Oliver Orlando, FL Exh KO4
1 Feb Elmer Ray Jacksonville, FL Exh KO4
3 Feb Bill Graves Daytona, FL Exh KO3
4 Feb George Fitch Savannah, GA Exh 4
23 Feb Edgar Edwards Kingston Exh 3
-- Feb Al Kinsley Aruba Exh 4
1 Mar Announced Official Retirement and formation of
International Boxing Club with Jim Norris and Arthur Wirtz
1 Mar Ed Crawley Nassau Exh 4
4 Mar Omelio Agramonte Havana Exh 4
5 Mar Omelio Agramonte Oriente, Cuba Exh 4
16 Mar Elmer Ray Houston, TX Exh KO4
18 Mar Tex Brodie Dallas, TX Exh 4
22 Mar Hubert Hood St. Paul, MN Exh 6
3 Oct Abel Cestac Washington, DC Exh 4
10 Oct Curtis Sheppard Baltimore, MD Exh 4
24 Oct Bill Weinberg Providence, RI Exh 4
25 Oct Joe Domonic Hartford, CT Exh 4
31 Oct Bill Gilliam Atlantic City, NJ Exh 4
14 Nov Johnny Shkor Boston, MA Exh 10
22 Nov Joe Chesul Newark, NJ Exh 10
28 Nov Johnny Flynn Kansas City, MO Exh 10
7 Dec Pat Valentino Chicago, IL Exh KO8
14 Dec Roscoe Toles Detroit, MI Exh 5
14 Dec Johnny Flynn Detroit, MI Exh 5
19 Dec Al Hoosman Oakland, CA Exh KO5
21 Dec Jay Lambert Salt Lake City, UT Exh 5
21 Dec Rex Layne Salt Lake City, UT Exh 5

6 Jan Willie Bean Hollywood, CA Exh 6
10 Jan Jack Flood Seattle, WA Exh 6
12 Jan Clarence Henry Wilmington, DE Exh 4
13 Jan Al Spaulding San Diego, CA Exh 4
20 Jan Andy Walker Stockton, CA Exh 4
24 Jan Rex Layne Salt Lake City, UT Exh 4
1 Feb Gene Jones Miami, FL Exh 8
7 Feb Nino Valdes St. Petersburg, FL Exh 4
8 Feb Candy McDaniels Orlando, FL Exh 5
14 Feb Johnny Haynes Tampa, FL Exh 4
21 Feb Sid Peaks Jacksonville, FL Exh 6
23 Feb Dan Bolston Macon, GA Exh 1
23 Feb Leo Jackson Macon, GA Exh 3
27 Feb Willie Johnson Albany, GA Exh 4
28 Feb Dan Bolston Columbus, GA Exh 4
3 Mar Leo Johnson Waycross, GA Exh 4
18 Mar Kid Carr Lubbock, TX Exh 4
20 Mar Sterling Ingram Odessa, TX Exh 4
22 Mar Joe Santell El Paso, TX Exh 4
22 Mar John McFalls El Paso, TX Exh 4
24 Mar Henry Hall Austin, TX Exh 4
25 Mar J.K. Homer Waco, TX Exh 4
22 Apr Walter Hafer Rio de Janiero Exh KO2

7 Sep Ezzard Charles New York, NY L15
(For World Heavyweight Title)
29 Nov Cesar Brion Chicago, IL W10

3 Jan Freddie Beshore Detroit, MI KO4
7 Feb Omelio Agramonte Miami, FL W10
23 Feb Andy Walker San Francisco, CA KO10
2 May Omelio Agramonte Detroit, MI W10
15 Jun Lee Savold New York, NY KO6
(Prior to this match, Savold was recognized as Heavyweight Champion
by the British Board of Boxing Control; following this fight,
the BBBC recognized Ezzard Charles)
1 Aug Cesar Brion San Francisco, CA W10
15 Aug Jimmy Bivins Baltimore, MD W10
26 Oct Rocky Marciano New York, NY KO by 8

18 Nov U.S. Serviceman Tokyo Exh KO 4
18 Nov U.S. Serviceman Tokyo Exh KO 4
18 Nov U.S. Serviceman Tokyo Exh 3
18 Nov Cpt Buford J DeCordova Tokyo Exh 4
18 Nov Cpt Buford J DeCordova Tokyo Exh 4
18 Nov Cpt Buford J DeCordova Tokyo Exh 5
14 Dec Sgt. Lindy Brooks Sendai, Japan Exh 3
14 Dec Chang Pulu Taipei Exh KO1
14 Dec Sgt. Seth Woodbury Taipei Exh 2
14 Dec D.H. Camtrell Taipei Exh 2
14 Dec Cpt Buford J DeCordova Taipei Exh 3
16 Dec Cpt Buford J DeCordova Taipei Exh 3

16 Mar Don "Cowboy Rocky" Lee W
(Above was Louis's debut as a wrestler)

Career Highlights
Former World Heavyweight Champion
Longest Reigning Heavyweight Champion in Boxing History

[Edited on 18-7-2004 by Ocelot]


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