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Newz Forum: PFL:BOXING: "Sugar" Shane Mosley SportzNewz Boxing Profile

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posted on Mar, 13 2004 @ 08:33 AM

Ahead of Tonight's Title Unification Bout With Winky Wright, SportzNewz is proud to Present an in depth profile of WBA and WBC Super Welterweight Champion of the World "Sugar" Shane Mosley!

Biography -
He's scaled every mountain there was to climb in boxing. He's fought his way to world championships at lightweight and at welterweight, became known as the best pound-for-pound fighter in boxing and has become a household name to boxing enthusiasts. Shane was the 1998 Fighter of the Year as chosen by the Boxing Writers Association of America. His father, Jack, was the Trainer of the Year in 1998, the first time the organization has honored father and son in the same year.

It would be easy for Sugar Shane Mosley to be a content man. But Mosley won't be content until he climbs that final hurdle. A man who had previously known only victory in a star-studded career, he lost his World Boxing Council welterweight championship to Vernon Forrest on Jan. 26 in New York.

And Mosley, who had won his first 38 professional bouts after concluding one of the most heralded amateur careers ever, means to make that right.

Mosley has consistently overcome the odds since turning pro. He and his father, Jack, have formed one of the most successful tandems in the business. Jack Mosley trained his son since his amateur days and led him to dizzying heights in the pros.
He dominated the lightweight division and was named the 13th best lightweight of all-time by The Ring Magazine.

The pinnacle of Shane¹s career came on June 17, 2000, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles when he clearly outboxed cross-town rival Oscar De La Hoya and won the welterweight title.

It was only the third fight at 147 pounds for Mosley, who prior to moving to welterweight had been the lightweight champion. Many critics questioned the wisdom of Mosley's move to 147, bypassing 140, and those critics weren't silenced even after resounding wins over Wilfredo Rivera and Willy Wise at welterweight.
De La Hoya, though, found out what power boxing is all about on that night in the Staples Center before 20,000 rabid boxing fans.

Power boxing is the concept and that Shane and Jack developed, taking advantage of Shane's superb conditioning and extraordinarily high punch output.

Your fighter has to be in excellent condition at all times to make it work, Jack Mosley said. You step into the ring and right away you've got two big things going for you ­ the stamina to throw a lot of punches and the ability to make adjustments if your opponent suddenly changes his style.

The fight was close at the midway point, but Shane picked up the pace considerably in the second half of the fight.

Many experts believe Shane swept rounds 7 through 12, but there was no doubt when the bout was over that Shane was the new King of the Welterweights.

De La Hoya declined an immediate rematch, so Mosley sought the best competition he could find. Antonio Diaz was one of the toughest men in the division, but Shane was better in every area and stopped him in the sixth round on Nov. 11, 2000.
Shane is good ­ real good, Diaz said. He's the best I've ever seen.

The following March, Shane dismantled Australian Shannan Taylor, who had been highly regarded by the media. Many felt he would provide Shane a stiff test, but that was not to be.

Taylor wasn't nearly as fast or as strong as Shane, who stopped him in the fifth round on March 10, 2001, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

He then cut down former junior middleweight Adrian Stone on July 21, needing only three rounds to stop the bigger man.

By then, he was universally regarded as one of the top three pound-for-pound fighters in boxing and was considered the best by a large number of experts.

Shane, who turned 30 on Sept. 7, proved his champion¹s heart by calling out Forrest, who was the best available 147-pounder.

The two had been amateur rivals and fought a nip-and-tuck battle in the finals of the 1992 Olympic Trials that went Forrest's way.

When they met as pros at Madison Square Garden, they were considered the two best 147-pounders in the world.

Shane's power boxing allowed him to dominate the first round, but things turned in the second. An accidental headbutt in the second round turned the fight around and Forrest went on to score a decision.

Even in defeat, Shane earned praise. Johnny Lewis, the trainer of 140-pound champion Kostya Tszyu, said Shane proved he is a very, very brave man, in his fight with Forrest.

Going into the rematch with Vernon Forrest, Shane was confident that his harder punches, and greater speed would be the deciding factor in the fight. After 12 very close rounds, Shane again was handed the second loss of his career, albeit a controversial one.

The following February, Shane stepped in the ring against former 154lb. title belt holder, Raul Marquez.
As Shane's first fight at 154lbs., he was anxious to prove to the public and the rest of the division, that he had arrived, and that he was here to stay.
Sadly, it was not to be. Marquez suffered a cut above his left eye due to an accidental headbutt, and the fight was stopped in the third round.

UPDATE: Shane Mosley Captured the WBA and WBC Super Welterweight Titles by defeating Oscar de La Hoya in a controversial 12RD Unanimous Desicion on 9/13/2003.
Sex: Male
Nationality: United States
Alias: Sugar
License No.: CA012442
Hometown: Pomona, CA
Birthplace: Inglewood, CA
Division: Light Middleweight
World Rank: 1
Date of Birth: 1971-09-07
Age: 32
Reach: 74”
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5' 9
Trainer: Jack Mosley
Manager: Jack Mosley

Shane Mosley Career Record

39 Wins, 2 Loss, 1 No Contest, 35 Knockouts
Feb. 11 -- Greg Puente, Hollywood, California, KO 5
Apr. 24 -- Arnulfo Villa, San Bernadino, California, KO 1
July 21 -- Pey Castillo, Reseda, California, KO 1
Aug. 25 -- Roberto Urias, Hollywood, California, KO 5
Sept 27 -- Miguel Pena, Inglewood, California, KO 2
Oct. 25 -- Juan Aranda, Inglewood, California, KO 2
Dec. 06 -- Paulino Gonzalez, Inglewood, California, KO 2

Jan. 20 -- Francisco Rodriguez, Irvine, California, KO 2
Feb. 04 -- Lorenzo Garcia, Oxnard, California, KO 5
Mar. 26 -- Oscar Lopez, Pomona, California, W 10
Apr. 29 -- Lorenzo Garcia, Santa Cruz, California, KO 3
June 30 -- John Bryant, Irvine, California, KO 8
July 24 -- Narciso Valenzuela, Los Angeles, California, KO 5
Aug. 06 -- Mauro Gutierrez, Pomona, California, KO 9
Sept 09 -- Louis Ramirez, Los Angeles, California, KO 10
Nov. 12 -- Jose Madrid, Santa Cruz, California, KO 4

Apr. 12 -- Raul Hernandez, Woodland Hills, California, KO 2
July 20 -- Mauricio Aceves, Anaheim, California, KO 4

Jan. 23 -- Mike Bryan, Biloxi, Mississippi, KO 1
Nov. 01 -- Ramon Felix, Indio, California, KO 1
Dec. 21 -- Joseph Murray, Unacasville, Connecticut, KO 3

Feb. 06 -- Elias Quiroz, Beverly Hills, California, KO 6
Apr. 09 -- Mike Smith, Westmont, Illinois, KO 4
Aug. 02 -- Phillip Holiday, Uncasville, Connecticut, W 12
(Captured IBF lightweight title)
Nov. 25 -- Manuel Gomez in El Paso, Texas KO 11
(Retained IBF lightweight title)

Feb. 06 -- Demetrio Ceballos, Uncasville, Connecticut, KO 8
(Retained IBF lightweight title)
May 08 -- John John Molina, Atlantic City, TKO 8
(Retained IBF lightweight title)
June 27 -- Wilfrido Ruiz, Philadelphia, KO 5
(Retained IBF lightweight title)
Sept. 22 -- Eduardo Morales, New York City, TKO 5
(Retained IBF lightweight title)
Nov. 11 -- James Leija, Mashantucket, Connecticut, KO 7
(Retained IBF lightweight title)

Jan. 09 -- Golden Johnson, Pensacola, Florida, KO 7
(Retained IBF lightweight title)
Apr. 17 -- John Brown, Indio, California, TKO 9
(Retained IBF lightweight title)
Sept 25 -- Wilfredo Rivera, Temecula, California, KO 10

Jan. 22 -- Willy Wise, Las Vegas, Nevada, TKO 3
June 17 -- Oscar De La Hoya, Los Angeles, California, W 12
(Won WBC welterweight title)
Nov. 4 -- Antonio Diaz, New York, New York, TKO 6
(Retained WBC welterweight title)

March 10 -- Shannan Taylor, Las Vegas, Nevada, TKO 5
(Retained WBC welterweight title)
July 21 -- Adrian Stone, Las Vegas, Nevada, TKO 3
(Retained WBC welterweight title)

Jan. 26 -- Vernon Forrest, New York, New York, L 12
(For IBF welterweight title)
(Lost WBC welterweight title)
July 20 -- Vernon Forrest, Indianapolis, Indiana, L 12
(For WBC welterweight title)

Feb. 8 -- Raul Marquez, Las Vegas, Nevada, No Contest 3
Sept. 13 -- Oscar De La Hoya, Las Vegas, Nevada, W 12
(Won WBC junior middleweight title)
(Won WBA junior middleweight title)

Career Highlights:
Former IBF World Lightweight Champion
Former WBC World Welterweight Champion
Former IBA Welterweight Champion
Current WBC and WBA World Super Welterweight Champion

[Edited on 13-3-2004 by Ocelot]

[Edited on 13-3-2004 by Ocelot]

[Edited on 18-7-2004 by Ocelot]


posted on Mar, 13 2004 @ 08:41 AM
Excellent post Ocelot..

I never realised he has had so many title fight's.

Mosley has proved he is a top fighter and will continue to be for a few more year's yet.Trinidad v Mosley will be the fight on everyone's lips though.

posted on Mar, 13 2004 @ 08:43 AM

Originally posted by TRD
Excellent post Ocelot..

I never realised he has had so many title fight's.

Mosley has proved he is a top fighter and will continue to be for a few more year's yet.Trinidad v Mosley will be the fight on everyone's lips though.

So True. Thats the fight to watch!


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