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Existence vs. Big Bang

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posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 08:10 AM
This thread is Being presented because of the numerous amount of other threads and posts that have Been swirling around the topic of "creationism", Gods, and Existence. This thread is intended to Be a helper guideline and an elaborate, yet simple light for the Human Being that is experiencing interest, confusion, transfer, transformation, and other means of thought transfiguration in regards to religion and creationism. This thread is Being care fully built and structured around the questions that the Human Being often poses during the perceptional changes and conscious evolution of Existence that is prevalent. The language will Be purposely kept in an easy to understand fashion: no large flashy words and will Be kept, at its best, to stop confusion. If confused, please ask for clarification.

Often the question is posed: 1.) what is outside of the universe? This question is really asking: a.) what is outside of Existence? The answer: Nothing

Nothing is outside of the "universe". Most importantly We have to come to accept that Existence is Omnified and Not unified -- It is the Omni-verse, meaning All-words. The experience of Existence is rendered into perception through Our thoughts, Our words, and the concepts of those thoughts and words. Many times We come to conclusions that just don't make any sense and We are told to take it with a grain of salt and a pinch of lemon! Such as the Big Bang, and then We are lead to the previous question: What is "outside" the "Universe"? All of this confusion is created through Our precious collective thoughts and concepts as a precious people of a precious and lovely planet.

Nothing : Non-, Not, No, Nothingness

To comprehend Nothing and its role in and out of Existence is imperative, for Nothing does and does Not Exist. See, its a tricky little fellow to explain, but hope fully this will help a bit. Existence allows the concept, thought, and word of Nothing to Exist, yet only for Us to know that Nothing truly does Not Exist. Let Us use the concept and word of Nothing to explain its traits. So, "what is outside of Existence?" Answer: Non Existence which is Non-Existent, there fore there is No "outside"; a concept, yet not a tangible physicality as Existence is physical and Non-Existence, is thus, non-physical.

In conclusion:

We know that the universe is the Omni-verse, with no beginning and no end, no edge and no outside, no limitation and no big bang.

Big Bang:

For the big bang to have occured there must truly Exist Nothing which does Not Exist. See, because We are told that the "universe" exploded from Nothing into a bubble, so that MUST mean that Nothing is outside of it as it expands. We know that Nothing cannot Be Existing as a physical entity to keep the "universe" wrapped up in a bubble because Nothing is non-physical and Non-Existent.

If there are any questions please do ask. This is a very serious topic and will Be addressed in such a manner. Have a wonder full day and Be for-giving to Member, for-getting has Us stuck at re-membering: Fire away! =)

For a bit more information please see thread titled How did God come into existence?

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posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 06:04 PM
there is just one main point i want to bring up, LastOutfiniteVoiceEternal

you seem to forget that the big bang theory holds that there was an infinitely dense and infinitely hot singularity which then exploded for some unknown reason

the big bang doesn't hold that there has at any point been nothing
it says that something existed as 1 single point

posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 06:05 PM
And what Existed outside of that "one single point"? It was Not for-gotten, fret Not. It was taken care of all ready. There is No such thing as "one single point", in fact there are No such things as dimensions. "One dot" is Every "dimension". "One dot" is Everything. One dot can Be measured in Every direction because it requires Every direction to Exist as "one dot". There are No such things as theories, only truth. The truth of a theory is that it is a theory, theories claim in themselves Not to Be of truth

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