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Survival in a rural area

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posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 05:03 AM
This topic came about from another thread I hope that Justin Oldham will forgive me for quoting him/her but his.her posts make a useful reference.

Originally posted by Justin Oldham
It's true that ruralites will have someting of a buffer between themselves and the city folk when the hammer comes down. A lot depends on the nature of the emergency. I would tend to think that country folk wouldh have more to fear from mass migrations than anything else. If a crisis is not sufficient to makes the millions move, farmers and small town folks of all sorts would stand a much better chance of survival. Perhaps, somebody might start a discussion thread for rural survival.

It's easy to think that rural property will save your bacon. There are a few downsides. Rural properties tend to be larger than one acre, which makes them harder for single families to patrol and defend. Rural defenders tend to stand alone as individuals, which means that a smart marauder will take them down as indivuduals.

Instead of attempting to defend yourself in an Urban area I advocate withdrawing to a rural area.

A rural setting dose offer some advantages the following comes to mind.
The possibility of having the means available producing food and electricity. Solar Panels seem like a good way to generate electricity in a rural setting. You also face a lower population density in other words you should have a good idea who was in the area before the disaster took place. A water tank or dam could be used to store drinking water. Of course you cant create rain but you need more then a tap to have water.

An isolated area would work in your favor. Make you know the area and the terrain if you can blow the only bridge into town it may be more difficult for the hordes to come after you.

Many ideas still cross over with an urban environment but with slight differences. A lot of training and preparation will have to be done before a disaster takes place.

The likes of building and medical supply's will need to stockpiled in advance. If you can take advantage of the landscape then do if you live in a rocky area you may want to construct your buildings out of rocks. In order to take make use of your location you will need to divide your group along the lines of expertise. Ensure that each person has more then one skill set .

You may want to have a skills pool that looks like something like this.
Food Production.
Technical personal
Technical personal would do anything from repairing solar panels to installing motion senses. The first two groups are bound to be full time jobs .

In terms of buildings you would need your usual farm buildings along with the likes of barracks and any other buildings that are needed.

I have avoided dealing with the likes of fire arms because it has been covered in other threads but feel free to post your thoughts on the more military side of the topic. Of course it never hurts to have a plan B if you need to leave the area but your primary mission should be to defend your outpost.

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posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 08:03 AM
Nice job you covered it very well, IMO.
The biggest problem I could see is how to get there, but thats for another thread.


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