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The Sewer Ghost

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posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 05:45 PM
I found this story and thought it was interesting.

She WAS pushed

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 06:13 PM
Dude, that was on Snopes.
Internet rumor.
Why post that trash ?


posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 10:28 PM
Lexion the website link parapsyke676 gave said the story was false. I think that might have been the point of this post.
Yes it is interesting how rumours get around; but I think this was a particularly stupid storey. The idea of you needing to post it on your website to avoid being murdered by a ghost kind of says it all.

But it is annoying when attention seekers, or commercial enterprises make stuff up because there is extremely strong evidence for an afterlife. The type I like the most is when you have ghosts appearing on CCTV, in period clothing in locked down, high secure buildings-areas as happened at Hampton Court recently…
Still Images:

Then you have the million little stories. Like this Christmas day I was a friends house and they told me they had court a ghost of a little boy on camera when they took a photo of the granddads house (he was moving out) for the final time. I asked to see it; so they produced the photo album and sure enough a blurred (but still extremely clear) image of little boy was there. And you could tell they really would have known if there was a little boy around (especially as no children lived near that place). Add to that and their daughters said that when they played in their granddads garden they sometimes used to hear children playing upstairs (even though there were no children there). But nobody knew what might have killed the children.

My Point Is: It’s because of instances like these; as well as more well documented evidence (like the links above) that I (and many other people) believe in an afterlife.
Personally I'm not faithful to any major religions but I do have my views-opinions on spirituality (particularly ancient British paganism).
As a result I'm probably living a slightly kinder-better life as I am at least “death conscious”. I don’t know if I would turn out to have been evil without a belief in an afterlife but I might off, and would quite probably have been more “sinful”.

So I really hate it when these kinds of people make up paranormal stories because it really is an assault on spirituality, and therefore reasons to be good (in this otherwise extremely materialistic age).
Frankly I think atheists are ether ignorant of paranormal evidence, arrogant or deep down “God fearing” (although that may of course be arrogant).


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