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Secret Iranian Spy Case

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posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 09:52 PM
A few nights ago I went to a party in my home town of Brighton and there was a bit of a buzz about this guy, known as Daniel James, who has been arrested for spying for Iran.

The article is pretty good, and has a lot of detail... it's funny, quite a few people at the party knew him and nobody had anything good to say about him.

He'd been a salsa teacher in Brighton for a few years and a couple of the girls had been to the classes, which were more about his immense vanity than they were about salsa, of which he had absolutely no knowledge. One of my friends is half-Iranian and speaks fluent Farsi. James claimed to be Cuban, but spoke terrible Spanish (and was caught out on this several times)... but he used to have an Iranian crowd. My friend used to try to speak to him in Farsi but he would affect not to understand.

At any rate, the trial has allegedly been D-noticed, although it seems easy enough to find online references to it.

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