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freaking snow storm in RI!

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posted on Dec, 6 2003 @ 05:03 PM
Oh my god. I am about to fill this post up with curses from here on out. But not only do I hate the snow storm I hate the big idiot SUV mfers that think its so froking cute to drive all fast and shyte. I got ice particles forming on my windows and they think im playing freaking chicken with them. I wanted to get out my car and pull some crackerjack idiot out of the car and whullop the stuffing outta them. You like your big ass car? Let's see if you're big enough to defend it.... *WHAM* (much blood pouring out)

And that not the worst of it ... my window kept on fogging up so I had to roll the freakign windows down to equalize the in car atmosphere with the outside RI ice age. When i got home i had trouble untying my goddang sheolaces. Not to mention shaking for a half hour cause of nightmare visions of redneck idiot snow plow operators clipping off my car grill or somethign. Oh lord have mercy!

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