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SETI still under NASA control?

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posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 09:06 PM
Hello everyone. I read somewhere that the SETI program, which suposedly is now a privately funded research group that suposedly "listens to radio signals for extraterrestial intelligence from space", is actually under the NASA Ames Research Center umbrella and is called the SETI project! Besides controlling the SETI program they are also involved in PSY-Warfare and Exobiology studies! For those that don't know, PSY-Warfare is synonymous with psychological warfare and Exobiology is synonymous with the study of alien life forms! Interesting, is it not?!

P.S. No wonder i didn't get a response from them after sending a somewhat "controversial" email politely explaining my views on ufo and alien related topics! I guess they were too busy SENDING AND RECEIVING REAL SIGNALS to the draconians and grays.

So since SETI is just another disinformation ploy and part of the shadow government's War Department projects, we should never expect to get any publicly confirmed signals. Wake up people!

According to the article, the shadow government is huge and complex. Think of it as a covert extension to the current governmental system because that's what it really is. It has covert branches in FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, Department of Defense and all major Armed Forces. I will not go into more details because it will take way too much time but if any people have any doubts to this then do some research and you might just astonish yourself!

On a final note, why are there two SETI's? There is SETI and then there is CSETI! SETI says its listening for radio signals and CSETI is trying to convince people of the reality of ufo's, aliens and of the potential to use their technology in everyday life in a beneficial way. It even goes as far as to incourage people to contact their elected officials to publicly disclose all the petinent classified data/documents. IMPO, I think we should listen to CSETI and ignore SETI.

posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 02:38 PM
Seti@Home is a university research project at the University of Berkeley California there's nothing private about it.

Maybe you have them mistaken with CSeti? That thing thats related to the Disclosure project?

And if they were related to NASA, I don't think they would be in a constant strugle for cash.

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