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This IS For Bush...You Need To Read This

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posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 09:05 PM
Hi Mr. President, many of the people don't know why you are the fall guy,
but I have figuredd it out. I appreciate your sacrifice for the safety ofv America. I know ALL the reasons why we are in IRAG & Afghanistan, & all other areass of inter4est. I was opposerd to you until I finsally figured out exacrtly why we are fighting inb Iraq.

I mustv say this, I hope you are truly a "born Again Christian" as episcopal religiuon is not the best in the myriad of religions.

I know you are privy to much more information than the general public, & I no longer feek any animosity to you because of the IRAG war.

I have figured it out...The real reasons for fighting in Iraq.

I support you in your effort to fight aGAINST EVIL, WHICH PERVADES THE World.

I know howv hurtbyou are by taking The burtden of the world on your shoulders. However, I disagree with your policy of torture to protewct/find information about future terrorist activity. I think since the musslims are "brainwashed" you should try to show them the true "faith" by piping in " true Christian faith" into the radfical muslim cells on a dfailyu basis. Better than torture, sinvce I myself even though I am a Christian have been tortured because of those in authority havev seen thart their crimes are covered up by threats of death of my children, asnd fami;y because the people in charge are corrupt. I hope you arte truly a "born Again Christian" if not God will JUDGE YOU. But I habve figutred out why we neeed to be in IRAG, & I commend you for putting the welfare of the nation above your own popularity ratings. I'm hoping your a true patriot, not given over to the DARK side. Butbeven so, I will serve myn lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, & I hopev you will too.

If your a "true Christian" you will know that GOD will JUDGE YOU according to your works. IF not I grieve for your soul, because if your truly born again, you will do what's right...



posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 09:49 PM
man you need to stop:w: ive seen 3 year olds spell better than that i completly disagree with you bush is not going on a freaking religous crusade hes doing it on some unbeknown reason he is wasting mens life and killing incoent muslims.

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