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9-11 attack/NRF-Nato Response Force/EU

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posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 01:23 PM
The Vatican "Final Holocaust" planned at Vatican II Council has now become the hallmark of "TRANSFORMATION" for Nato and European Union merger climaxed at recent Nato Riga Summit in Riga,Latvia. The NRF-Nato Response Force is now acquiring the US Air Force C-17 transport plane for long distance manuvuers for active "counterterrorism combatant"roles. The 9-11 attack provided the needed transition to engage Nato within the Western hemisphere, seven E-3A Nato Awachs survelliance planes were stationed at Tinker AFB in OKC City from German Nato base. It has been stated that the NRF is designed to "fight and to win"the Allied Nato Transformation HQ is in Suffolk,VA. Martial Law EXPERT Al Cuppett has stated that his professional assumption is US Global Hawk Drone hit the WTC towers, followed by multiple explosions! FEMA was "waiting in the wings" Monday September 10th 2001 to pounce on the "Black Ops"
As well ACTUAL satellite photos of DHS Concentration Camp in Central Wyoming (Use Google search engine type "Halliburton Concentration Camps" click then scroll down to"Looney Left Unleashed" satellite photos) The Vatican Jesuits and Pope Benedict XVI have carefully laid the groundwork for this bloodbath, the new Grand Inquisitor is Satanist Archbishop of San Fransisco William Levada (late Andrija Artukovic,former Minister of Interior for Croatia lived in Seal Beach,CA for 38 yrs. with the US State Dept blessing
As well the CIA has admitted they're silent approval of Adolf Eichmann's role as Reich Transport Dept. by not even persuing Eichmann's known flight to Buenos Aires in Argentina, now the "Fourth Reich" that will make the world tremble! The US Senate voted 98-0 to expand Nato at the outset of the US led war in Iraq in March 2003,what about American troops?
As well the Airline Passengers on 9-11 attack were "BURNT TO ASHES" AT ANOTHER LOCATION"CREMATED" according to Al Cuppet, there are at least three Crematoriums Mist, Oregon,Mt.Franklin,TX and in West VA. The NRF-Nato Response Force and NON-Nato forces will bomb America just as Nato Allied Forces bombed Belgrade,Serbia (Adolf Hitler under Vatican direction,bombed Belgrade April 6th 1941) Now Yugoslavia no longer exists!
We are sitting ducks! The US dollar is being forsaken while the Euro is rising! NATO bombs and "Counterterrorism" we must be on our toes,people! The allied Fascist state of Croatia was a horrific and fanatically Catholic "terror state" even the Nazis blushed upon arrival, like former UN General Kurt Waldheim Wermacht SS division in Yugoslavia, that FACT is Vatican was behind every corner of the "Third Reich of Europe" the Nazi and Ustase terrorists served as "Front Men" to conceal the REAL PERPETRATORS. THE NAZI AND USTASE TERRORISTS COULD ONLY RULE a country the size of Germany for only a day, but with the power of the formidable Roman Catholic Church and Vatican politics six million Jews vanished up in smoke.. The Inquisition lives on Rwanda April 1994 800,000 Tutsis disappeared with the Vatican careful planning, with machetes in hand Hutus "purifyed) the Catholic state.
How does Austrian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger "Terminator 1984" play in these trully interesting events? Adolf Eichmann trial and execution was only in 1962, one witness in the courtroom actually suffered a stroke and collapsed after seeing Adolf Eichmann behind bullet proof glass!

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