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Clandestine activities, details of a spy.

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posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 11:40 AM
Not expecting any replies, so don't worry I won't feel ignored if no one does.
But I was digging around as usual, when I found this, not sure if any one has read it over yet, but it goes over the avarages of how spies get started.

Considering the recent news coverage on the radioactive spy, I hoped this might be of interest, even if it only gets views. Enjoy, and thanks for your time.

Characteristics of Spies
Reasonably complete information is available on the significant demographic variables for most of the 150 espionage offenders. Some of the older or more obscure cases are not well reported in open sources. Demographic characteristics of the publicly known espionage offenders are as follows. The number of cases for which information is available on each variable is shown at the end of each entry.

Gender: 93% males, 7% females. Information is available for all 150 cases.

Age when Espionage Began: 6% were under 20; 40% were 20 to 29; 27% were 30 to 39; and 27% were 40 or over. There is a significant difference in ages between civilian and military spies. For the civilians, 44% were age 40 or over at the time they began their espionage. For the military, 57% were 20 to 29 years old when they started. Information is available for 147 cases.

Marital Status when Espionage Began: 57% married, 33% single, 10% separated or divorced. Information is available for 141 cases.

Race or Ethnicity: 84% white, 6% black, 5% Hispanic, and 5% other. Information is available for 141 cases.

Sexual Preference: 95% heterosexual, 5% homosexual. Information is available for 116 cases.

Citizenship: 83% born in U.S., 17% naturalized. Most (77%) of the naturalized citizens who became spies were civilians rather than military personnel. Twenty-six percent of all the civilian spies were naturalized citizens as compared with 8% of the military spies. Information is available for 148 cases.

Education: 7% had less than high school; 39% were high school graduates; 20% had some college; 20% were college graduates; 14% had at least some work toward their Masters or PhD. Information is available for 133 cases.

Type of Employment when Espionage Began: 49% uniformed military, 18% government civilian, 24% government contractor, and 9% had already left government service or their job was unrelated to their spying. Information is available for 148 cases.

Rank of Uniformed Military: 19% were E1 to E3; 51% were E4 to E6; 19% were E7 to WO; and 11% Officer. Information is available for 67 cases.

Espionage by the Numbers

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