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Stupid News Shows

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posted on Dec, 2 2003 @ 04:18 PM
I've been watching TV and flipping between the so-called cable news networks. Every time I turn to one there's some stupid, loudass conservative talk show host YELLING about this or that. They're so #ing ignorant, they just talk over their guests and just shout down the ones they don't agree with.

They twist words and exaggerate statements...and they're so damn smug. Whoever yells the loudest comes off as the winner. It's usually a loudmouth like Robert Novak or Tucker Carlson. Makes me sick...

The other night MSNBC had it's coverage of the democratic debate. Of course, it was Chris Matthews and a panel made up of his conservative buddies. There was some speechwriter for Reagan and a writer for that rag Newsmax. I don't think they even had a democrat. It was just them slamming the democratic candidates....that's fair and balanced coverage for you folks!!

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