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Rugby, Australian Football: Research team investigate 'Burn-out'

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posted on Jan, 13 2005 @ 10:43 AM
The Professional Rugby Players' Association have announced a three-year research project into player burn-out. In a venture jointly-funded by the PRA, Rugby Football Union and Premier Rugby, a study of players at all 12 Zurich Premiership clubs has been commissioned. Player welfare is a major issue in the game at present with England head coach Andy Robinson among those to consistently highlight it.

"The demands of rugby increase every year," said PRA chairman, the Worcester flanker Pat Sanderson.

"As the popularity of the game grows, the expectations on the players become more intense.

"The fundamental aim of this research has to be to raise awareness of the symptoms and the strategies to help prevent player burnout.

"In the light of recent comments made by high-profile England international players and coaches, this research is essential to the welfare of our members."

The PRA recently invited Scott Creswell, who conducted a three-year research project into player burnout for the New Zealand Rugby Football Union, to present his findings to players, directors of rugby, conditioning staff and members of England's fitness team at a player welfare seminar.



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