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Football: Premier League 2006/07 - Players to follow!

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 03:35 PM

Great things are expected from the Germany captain after his free transfer from Bayern Munich. One of the most technically-adept players in the world, his midfield partnership with Frank Lampard should be a joy to watch.


Premiership fans will finally get to see one of the best strikers in the world close up and his arrival at Stamford Bridge just makes the champions even more formidable. Has a proven goalscoring record at every level and is likely to cause defences major problems.

JOHN TERRY (Chelsea)

The Chelsea captain's incredible ability to consistently perform to the highest standards has been the rock on which the club's back-to-back titles have been built. An inspirational leader who is 100% committed to the cause.


One of the few players whom even non-Arsenal fans will rejoice in seeing in the Premiership again after shunning the attentions of Barcelona. Blessed with lightning pace, sublime skill and an unerring eye for goal, the Frenchman will be key to re-igniting the Gunners' title challenge.


Grew in stature last season following the departure of midfield linchpin Patrick Vieira and became one of Arsenal's key performers. Great distribution and energy make him ideally suited to the Premiership.

WAYNE ROONEY (Manchester United)

Rooney's power and strength on the ball, allied to sublime skill and an eye for the absolutely brilliant, make the England striker one of the Premiership's prized assets. Questions continue to be raised about his temperament but that comes with the territory with Rooney.

CRISTIANO RONALDO (Manchester United)

The Portugal winger will start the new season full of confidence after his country's run in the World Cup. Has always had the ability to out-pace and fool defenders with his quick-footed trickery but faced with opponents more likely to target him may just make him try even harder.


If one man encapsulates a whole team it is Liverpool captain Gerrard. A typical all-action British midfielder who is an inspiration to team-mates with his driving runs, fearsome shooting, tough tackling and great goalscoring ability.


One of the successes of last season, his 13 Premiership goals helped fire Blackburn into the UEFA Cup. The tenacious striker is powerful and fast and scores some spectacular goals and, having been given a challenge by a top club, could well elevate his game to the next level.

AARON LENNON (Tottenham)

Came back from the World Cup, after his surprise selection, with his reputation significantly enhanced. Tricky and quick, Lennon will cause many full-backs a problem but will be expected to deliver more consistently after his showing in Germany.


Scored six goals in 16 matches after signing from Norwich for 7.2million. Although Ashton will weigh in with his fair share of goals his hold-up play and vision make him well-equipped to master the Premiership.


If his last spell in the Premiership (with Crystal Palace) was anything to go by - when he was the leading English goalscorer - Everton may have secured a prize asset. Not blessed with great pace but is a good finisher and will be key to Everton's fortunes.

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 04:11 PM
Really good post TRD, like the way you did the pics and bio's


I think he was a great signing, hes a solid midfielder who can score with his head, both feet and has a great powerfull shot. He has alot of drive in him and i think its fair to say hes a winner. Just not sure how him and Lampard will connect (kinda like Lampard and Gerrard not connecting). If they do connect jeeze! the Chelsea midfield will be unstopable!


Hes the best goal scorer Milan have had in many seasons and that is saying something as they have had loads of great strikers. Hes fast, direct, can beat players and scores goals just like Van Nistlerooy did for Man Utd. Except i think Shevchenko has more to his game. Could he bang in more than Henry


I would say hes the best defender in England and i think he is going to be named the England captain. Hes solid, hard to get by and hes doen really well considering Mourhino could have bought any defender in the world just about.


With Rosiscky backing him up i think Henry is going to have another cracking season

I gotta go, will do my lil thoughts on the players tomorrow

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 04:36 PM
Sorted... back lol.


For a young player he is very composed, and is good at spreading play around. Hes had a great career so far, and i reckon he can only get better. Hes still to toughen up a bit too.


Had a disapointing World Cup and i reckon he is going to be more determined than ever! with Ruud leaving i would imagine Rooney will be asked to try score more goals.


No doubt as soon as Liverpool are knocked out of the Champs league and they are out of the race for the league stories will come out saying he wants to leave. Think he will be good at getting the best out of Pennant and well, i would expect him to be Liverpools best player..... again. Has an Owen type player to work with now too in Bellamy


I think hes a good signing, he has pace and is more direct than the lkes of Cisse. He aint a huge goal scorer, but is another different kind of striker for Benitez to use.


Looking forward to seeing him, he has bags of potential and looked one of Englands better players in the world cup even though he only got lets say 60 minutes total. Spurs are looking good for this season, even though they have lost Carrick i still reckon they are going to be a force.

Dean who?

Just messing haha! hes good, was a goal machine at Crewe. Hes started well at West Ham too scoring goals


Not sure about this move, Beattie used to be half decent and look at him now. Bent was not the best there eitehr and he was decent. AJ though led Crystal Palace single handledly and can score goals I think he needs to score as soon as, cos if that does not happen. I think he could be in a for a nightmare season.

I think if its true about Liverpool being interested, he should have went there


posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 12:16 PM
I think Fabregas will come into his own this season. Real was preparing a 25million bid for him but he wants to stay at Arsenal and i dont blame him. He will be just as big a cult hero as Ian Wright, Tony Adams and Henry....

Dean who? Heh, watch him this season.. Ive heard that he is looking real fit from someone at Upton Park and they have done alot of work with him. He didnt look fit last season, when we bought him from Norwich he was carrying an injury. You have the likes of Shearer and some others saying that he should be in the England squad and it wont be long before he does..

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 05:07 PM
Fabregas..... i think he will go onto being amazing. Alot of the best players have bizzare names..... Ronaldinho, and there was Zidane and its like... Fabregas has the cool sounding name you usually find with great players. Last season tehre was alot of pressure on him, i think he played more than he must have expected and he did well.

Ashton, yeah.. this guys defo got something. Years ago, i remember him being linked with Newcastle as the man to replace Shearer though this never happened. The guys has everything you want for a striker and well, i thought this guy has the potential to be England material. Put it this way, i think hes better than AJ and Bent

Funny thing is, i remember in an old Champ Manager, Ashton was with Crewe and well no1 had really heard of him. He was a goal machine in that game too!


posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 03:52 PM
Looking at the list, some have failed to live upto expectations so far.

Ballack didnt impress at first but has started to come good, he did have that injury so maybe that had something to do with it. Shevchenko is the same, he hasnt performed any where near like he should be doing. He doesnt look to have settled right in yet. He has shown some nice touches and is starting to look a bit better. If him and Drogba click they could form one of the most deadliest partnerships the Prem has ever seen

Rooney doesnt look the same player he was last season. Hasnt done that much since he came back from suspension. But Ronaldo has been totally opposite, since the world cup he has continued his great from and looks awesome.

Terry, Gerrard and Henry just turn out great performances for their clubs almost every match. They are three definate world class players and do much what you expect them to do.

Bellamy has been ok i guess. Hasnt been that prolific in front of goal and just seems to whine alot lol. Where as Fabregas has been like Ronaldo, in great form and he just keeps getting better and better. Ashton and Lennon have both been unlucky. Ashton picked up that bad injury and hasnt played all season. Lennon was in great from for club and country but has missed a few games due to injury. But i expect them both to have great seasons when they are fully fit.

One striker who is doing great and Everton owe alot to him for there great start to the season is Andy Johnson. The guy looks quality and keeps turning out great performances.

Saying all that, they all will most proberbly play crap now for the rest of the season and make me look like a mug..

posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 01:56 AM
You forgot to add Kanu toi you list of 1's to watch!

posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 05:37 PM
Yeah Drunk, Kanu has been in excellent form and I think he has a scored a fair few with his head? Pretty wierd since when he was Arsenal, who tend to score more goals than Pompey during the season, Kanu hardly ever scored.

Ballack is doing enough I would say, I guess you could say he does enough each game... Not at his best though, it took Essien and Drogba time to settle and look at them now. Along with Lampard and Terry, they have been Chelseas best players. So I would imagine next season Ballack will be better. Shevchenko though has been rubbish, he used to always look good making runs behind defenders. But Chelsea seem to play the ball up in the air a fair bit and when that happens, fair enough Drogba is good in the air but Shevchenko seems to go into hiding. I don't see him getting any worse which is something. You don't play for Milan for 7 years or so if your junk, so you would think in time he can turn his game around. Then again, maybe he won't get a chance to do so next season?

Not sure whats happened to Rooney this season, last season every time he played you thought he could score. He has been good but for his standards below par, maybe its cos hes up front with Saha who aint as good as Van Nistlerooy. I think Larsson looked good with him the other day, so maybe his performaces will improve.

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