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Football: Rio Ferdinand wait is nearly over.!

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posted on Oct, 26 2003 @ 05:15 AM
Rio Ferdinand should know in the next 48 hours what charge he will face, if any, from the Football Association for failing to take a drugs test.

The Manchester United defender is facing the possibility of a lengthy ban and fine.

Ferdinand has already been interviewed by the FA's compliance unit.

And it is understood that other officials and individuals relevant to the case have been called upon to give statements.

The player's mobile phone records are also being examined.

He was selected at random by UK Sport anti-doping officers to take a drugs test at United's Carrington training ground on September 23.

But the former Leeds and West Ham star left the scene, later claiming he had forgotten because he was moving house.

He also claims he tried to telephone the club in a bid to have the test later in the day. Ferdinand subsequently passed a test 36 hours later.

If it is found that he is guilty of wilful failure to take the test at the original time he could receive anything up to a two-year competitive ban.

Ferdinand has continued to play for United although he was excluded from the England team that played in Turkey.


posted on Oct, 29 2003 @ 01:55 PM
Rio Ferdinand faces the prospect of a lengthy ban after the Football Association charged him with the serious offence of 'failure or refusal to take a drugs test'.

Disciplinary action had been expected against the Manchester United defender but the wording of the charge to include 'refusal' shows the FA believe there was a deliberate element to Ferdinand missing the test.

A more minor misconduct charge of 'failure to submit to drug testing' could have been brought against him but the FA believe they have sufficient evidence to prove the 24-year-old deliberately avoided the test.

Ferdinand has requested a personal hearing and will be represented by a team from United's experienced lawyers James Chapman.

If he is unable to convince the FA disciplinary panel that he simply forgot that the team from UK Sport had asked to test him then a ban is virtually certain. The maximum punishment is a two-year ban but a suspension of around three months would be more likely.

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