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WWE: Major ECW PPV Update: Huge Changes, Entire Concept Different

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posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 04:01 PM

Adding to a report broken on this website earlier in the week, PWInsider cites WWE sources who are expressing much frustration over the ECW PPV. What was originally viewed as a heavily-anticipated show has lost quite a bit of luster amongst those backstage, with some even 'dreading' the PPV.

The original idea was for the PPV to be a legitimate "ECW-style" show full of input from Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman. However, when the show failed to sellout in the first week of ticket availability (many blame the $400 price tag), WWE made the call to include some WWE workers and step back from the pure-ECW format. When that didn't increase buzz, WWE was forced to drop some of the ticket prices and include wrestlers from both WWE rosters in "invasion" storylines.

Much of the show will now be in the hands of the WWE creative team, which has not recently impressed those in the industry. As the PPV approaches, the show that was supposed to be a throwback to the ECW days is becoming more and more like a traditional WWE PPV.

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