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WWE: WWE Film News - 4th Movie In The Works and More News

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posted on May, 19 2005 @ 11:50 AM
Another movie is in the works from WWE Films as they've acquired the script A Chance for Both Barrels from John Hefferman. Heffernan also wrote Pacific Air 121, and The Naked Prey for MTV Films. This is what Variety is describing this upcoming movie as....

The hard-edged actioner about a mercenary and his quest to bring a killer to justice will be tailored as a vehicle for an as-yet-unspecified WWE ring star.

It should be fun to guess who will the fourth WWE wrestler to star in a WWE-made movie in addition to John Cena, Kane and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

WWE Films recently wrapped up The Marine starring John Cena not to mention the horror film Goodnight, starring Kane. Production is set to start for Stone Cold Steve Austin's movie The Condemned in the summer.

There is no word yet on when exactly these movies will be released or if they are even going to make it to movie theatres as there is a good chance that these WWE films could be direct-to-video releases.

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