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WWE: Upcoming WWE Book Releases: Kane, HBK, Eddie, & More

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posted on May, 4 2005 @ 01:55 PM
WWE is planning to release Eddie Guerrero's 320 page autobiography sometime in May. It shares the same title of last year's DVD on his career, "Cheating Death, Stealing Life". The book will follow his childhood as well as his career, dating back from his early days in Mexico and Japan to current times.

Shawn Michaels has an autobiography coming out in November 2005 and is also going to be 320 pages. The title has not yet been released but it can be expected that it will span his entire life and chronicle his career up until a few months ago.

"Superstar" Billy Graham is releasing his autobiography in January 2006. It was also co-written by Keith Elliot Greenberg, a regular writer for both and WWE's several magazines. Most of WWE's books end up having ghost writers, but it is not known if Eddie and Shawn wrote their autobiographies completely on their own yet.

There are also plans for a fiction novel which will be an "unathourized" life story of Kane's character. No date has been mentioned for that thus far. Also, William Regal's autobiography has still not been released in the U.S. and it is uncertain when it will be.

Source: PWInsider


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