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WWE: WWE Management Uncomfortable With Batista; Roster Draft, More

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posted on Apr, 20 2005 @ 06:13 PM
Source: PWTorch

-- Although nobody will say anything about it openly, WWE management feels much more comfortable with John Cena carrying a major title, than they do Batista. Batista is very close with Triple H, and it would most likely cause a lot of un-wanted drama if someone were to say something about it.

-- The main feeling going around right now is that having John Cena and Batista switch brands during the draft would be a good idea. Many feel that there is no chemistry between Triple H and Batista on the microphone, which is why some are eager to move Batista over to SmackDown. Moving Batista to SmackDown would open up new doors for him as champion, in a possible feud with JBL who he may have better chemistry with.

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