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WWE: New WWE Talent & Diva To Debut, Mordecai Update; & More

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 02:39 PM
- There are internets reports that suggest OVW divas Alexis Laree and Jillian Hall are growing frustrated that they haven't been called up to the main roster. Laree left TNA for a WWE development deal in August 2003. Both Laree and Hall have gotten breast enlargements to improve their chances of being promoted to the main roster. From those I have spoken with regarding Hall, some have confirmed this report as others question why WWE even signed her. Laree has been ready for the call up for quite sometime.

- It appears WWE will call up MNM (Joey Matthews, Johnny Nitro and Melina Perez) from OVW soon. Perez was seen on "Raw" as the newest diva at the end of 2004, but was sent back to OVW.

- The office appears to be happy with OVW television champion Brent Alright and Kevin Fertig (Mordecai), who have been working "Raw" dark matches as a tag team. There is talk that either or both could be called up to the main roster in the near future.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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