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WWE: Major Issues Before RAW; Vince/Stephanie/HHH

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 02:37 PM
We're told there were MAJOR issues prior to RAW as Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Stephanie McMahon all taped a live interview with CNN at 7:15EST. That's usually about the time doors open and they tape Heat. The trio did the interview and the doors opened immediatley afterwards after they retreated to the back.

Here is a recap of the interview:

The interview starts and the anchor mentions that Wrestlemania 21 was last night and also mentions Hulk being inducted into the Hall of Fame. She states that WWE set a record for the highest grossing event it had ever had in the Staples Center. She starts by asking Vince why people are still watching wrestling. He replied that with WWE you get it all. It is truly the only reality show on TV where you get drama, storylines, and non-stop action.

The anchor then starts asking about the new TV deal with NBC Universal and Vince says that they have more opportunities with NBC, including the programming on Telemundo and also being able to be on NBC after Saturday Night Live trying to get that "late night" audience. She then turns to Stephanie and asks her if all the storylines are planned out ahead of time. Steph replies yes and says that they are in the entertainment business and that you get the action of a movie with the storylines comparable to soap operas. She says they have no reruns and are on 52 weeks a year and have to deal with injuries to superstars as well as other issues that arise.

The anchor then turns to Trips and ask him what happened last night. You got beat. Trips responds with a laugh and the anchor says that she had to bring it up. Trips says that "she had to rub it in" and the anchor replies no, looks like someone already did because Trips had stitches on his forehead. Trips then says he is the comic relief for this interview and says that he lost that "you lose the world title and everyone wants to talk about you". The anchor then says thanks them for the time and Vince mentions that Raw comes on tonight at 9.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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