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WWE: Tazz Shoots On Internet Fans; Angle Speaks On Steroids, & More

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posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 03:50 PM
Source: PWTorch

-- Recently On WWE Byte This, Tazz was joking around about how he used to put up a fuss when other wrestlers would wear Orange. He considered it his exclusive color due how closely he was identified with it. When Josh Matthews joked that no one else is allowed to wear orange, Tazz responded with "Yeah, like ten years ago, and the internet fans all think that I'm still living that gimmick and they're nuts, too. But that's another story"

-- Kurt Angle was recently featured in the Chicago Daily Herald urging kids to stay in school, and away from drugs. He spoke on the baseball steroid controversy, and how he was able to avoid them in his career. "We're Hollywood stunt men that put together wrestling matches that people can watch and be inspired by," said Angle, adding that pro wrestling is "the most brutal thing I've ever done."

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