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WWE: Billy Gunn's Name In TNA; Rock News, Big Ultimate X Match

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 04:07 PM

A major premeire is set tomorrow in Sacremento for the movie "Be Cool" which features The Rock. A lot of people who have seen the movie already think Rock, in a supporting role, gives a performance that will establish himself as a far more versatile actor than was first believed. He's not there to carry the movie by any means, but in other ways, important ones, this could be long-term his most important role in a movie to date.

Scheduled for the next TNA PPV will be a four-way Ultimate X match. The match will feature X champion A.J. Styles defending the title, and three other wrestlers who will likely be determined on TV matches maybe today. No other official matches are scheduled for the show yet, but a strong possibility on top is Jeff Jarrett defending the NWA title against Diamond Dallas Page.

There is still no official decision made yet on what to refer to Billy Gunn as in TNA. Any attempt to use a name like "Bad Ass", or "Ass", or "Outlaw" will result in repercussions from WWE legal. Gunn did wear a t-shirt at the Against All Odds pay-per view that had the initials "N.I.N.", which stands for "No Introductions Necessary."


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