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WWE: Scott Hall Getting Bad Again?; Waltman Injury, Lots More

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 04:05 PM

For those questioning the absence of Scott Hall on last night's Against All Odds TNA pay-per view, here's the deal with that. Hall was removed from the last week, pretty quietly, due to concerns over Hall's behavior in Korea during a tour promoted by NWA Mid-Atlantic. We won't say more than that for now, but we are pretty sure Hall still remains with TNA at this time. Whether or not that changes anytime soon has yet to be determined.

Sean Waltman's back was said to be bothering him quite a bit backstage last night before his run-in during the Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash NWA title match. It was said to have been from taking bumps in the Tijuana show he worked alongside Billy Gunn and BG James, along with Konnan, Rey Misterio Sr., and Psicosis.

Speed Channel represenatives were backstage at the TNA PPV last night filming a spot with Jeff Hammond to be featured on an upcoming edition of "NASCAR Nation." The segment will look at what a non-wrestler must go through when working inside a ring. It will have some comedic points, but for the most part was said to be a classy piece on the wrestling industry.


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