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WWE: TNA News: AJ Styles Contract Running Up; Ultimate X, AMW, More

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 04:02 PM

TNA will soon have a subsite dedicated to Petey Williams added to Speaking of Williams, he won the EWR championship last night for The Elite Wrestling Revolution company in Canada.

We've been told that an Ultimate X match is now confirmed for the March TNA PPV, Destiniation X. No participants have been mentioned for the match as of yet.

Despite our previous reports, this Friday's episode of "Blue Collar TV" on the WB Network is not the one taped a few weeks ago that featured Abyss and AJ Styles in addition to TNA owner Jeff Jarrett. This particular episode is one Jarrett appeared on himself, which was taped several months ago.

Bill Banks has a new column up on talking about a story involving half of America's Most Wanted, James Storm, chasing down a would-be purse snatcher at a Nashville, TN. mall. A good read worth checking out over on the official TNA website.

AJ Styles is featured in today's "Ottawa Sun." The article looks at his role in TNA and the X-Division and how he once turned down a developmental contract with WWE in favor of staying with TNA. The deal notes that his current TNA contract expires in September of this year and that he and his wife are expecting their first child in April.


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