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WWE: TNA Notes: Another Ultimate X Match, New Sponsorships, & More

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posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 03:03 PM
Bill Banks has posted his most recent update on Here are the highlights:

-- TNA stars mingle with celebrities last week on the Super Bowl Roadshow edition of the Best Damn Sports Show Period.

-- Jeff Jarrett appears on Blue Collar TV this Friday.

-- James Storm became a local hero when he chased down a purse snatcher at a Nashville area mall.

-- Best of 3 Live Kru and Victory Road DVDs are back in stock. Turning Point and Raven DVDs are coming soon.

-- Jonny Fairplay will join fellow Survivor alums starting Monday on a week long series of Family Feud shows.

-- TNA is talking sponsorship with a number of companies.

-- A Team Canada superstar will get his own superstar site soon, my guess is that it will be Petey Williams or Bobby Rude.

-- Ultimate X will be a part of "Destination X", TNA's March PPV

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