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WWE: WWE & TNA News & Notes: Waltman, Austin, Goldberg, Nash, Chyna

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posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 02:10 PM
WWE News & Notes:

- It is expected that Steve Austin, Goldberg, Kevin Nash, and The Rock will get some face time during the Super Bowl broadcast tomorrow. Austin, Goldberg, and Nash have been in Jacksonville all week promoting "The Longest Yard." The Rock will make the commercials at least, since a "Be Cool" commercial is set to air.

- Velocity tonight will be a highlight show. They'll air the 2001 Wrestlemania match with Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit as well.

- Joanie Laurer will be appearing on ABC's "The View" on 2/10. She will also be appearing on "The Surreal Life" Monday on VH1, on a repeat episode of "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" Monday on FOX, and on "All Access" Monday on VH1.

- Daily Sports out of Japan reports that WWE vice president John Laurinatis recently met with NOAH president Misawa and Ruu Nakata. The two sides apparently discussed doing a joint WWE/NOAH show at the Tokyo Dome in the future. Shane McMahon and Triple H have said recently that WWE wants to do a Tokyo Dome show in 2006.

TNA News & Notes:

- Jeff Jarrett and Sean Waltman (Xpac) have agreed to a deal and Sean will be in TNA very soon, possibly at the PPV.

- TNA Impact will start in Europe on 2/25 at 10:15PM on Eurosport. The show is also scheduled to air on 3/4 at 9 PM.

- TNA has posted images from Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, DDP, and Monty Brown's appearance on "The Best Damn Sports Show" yesterday.

- Diamond Dallas Page & Monty Brown vs. Bobby Rude & Scott Hall has been added to the Against All Odds PPV.

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