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WWE: Ric Flair leaving Evolution?

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posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 06:12 PM
In yet another tease of a babyface turn, Ric Flair embraced and congratulated Randy Orton after losing his match to the "Legend Killer" at Taboo Tuesday.

However, some backstage are suggesting that this time, WWE actually go ahead with a face turn for the sixteen time world champion. WWE has teased the turn several times, so the feeling is that they eventually have to go ahead with it.

There are also some who remain against removing Flair from Evolution. One argument in favor of ignoring a face turn is just that Flair was being "honorable" for a candid PPV moment and that WWE should not acknowledge the action on future programming. Others feel WWE should continue teasing a turn, only for Flair to remain in Evolution.

In any event, there are no definitive plans for Flair right now. WWE will likely make a decision over the weekend to go ahead with booking for Monday's RAW.



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