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WWE: Former WCW Star Arrested

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posted on Aug, 24 2004 @ 03:38 PM
WCW wrestler Norris "Hardbody" Harrison Jr. was arrested on 8/18. Harrison was apparently charged with forcing three women into prostitution as a way to force them to repay their debts to him.

Harrison, who currently resides in Cartersville, Georgia, was arrested the day after one of the women approached a police officer and claimed she was being held against her will. Three of the seven women with Harrison at the time claimed they were forced into prostitution.

According to the article, Georgia investigators contend that Harrison, 38, would claim to help the women by paying their jail fines and assisting them with housing. Once he gained their confidence, however, he would allegedly force them to prostitute for him until they had paid off their debts to him.

Harrison is being charged with three counts of false imprisonment and is currently free on $55,000 bond. Harrison worked for WCW in the late 1990’s, with the mahority of his appearance being on WCW Saturday Night. He was among the wrestlers involved in Sonny Onno's lawsuit against AOL Time Warner, claiming that WCW paid them less than white performers and failed to promote them on nationally televised shows. They also claimed that WCW based their characters on negative racial stereotypes.

Harrison described his time in WCW in an Atlanta-Journal Constitution article regarding the lawsuit. "I found myself lost in the shuffle, I was sold into slavery. They told me they weren't hiring, but I kept seeing all these other white guys coming in getting contracts and leapfrogging past me." The lawsuit was later settled out of court.


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