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WWE: The Steiners

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posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 04:44 PM

The Steiner Brothers fought both in the NWA/WCW and WWF as a tag team, and enjoyed a large amount of success. Of course, it was Scott that effectively 'made' the team, because Rick sucked pretty hard. The Steiner's were tag team champions on a number of occassions, and their finishing move an off the top rope DDT was absolutely devastating. Scott Steiner amazed most spectators, as he moved with great speed and agility despite the fact that he was a pretty big guy. Scott also pioneered The Frankensteiner, a move that is also called the hurricarana.

The Steiner brothers were one of the most dominant Tag Teams in modern history. They’ve held the WCW World Tag Team titles 5 times together and the WWF World Tag Team titles twice. They’ve also held the UWA Tag Team Titles , the NWA United States Tag Team Title twice, the NWA World Tag Team title, the PWA Tag Team Title, and the IWGP Tag Team titles twice.

Master of the "Bulldog," the stocky and powerful Rick Steiner is a powerful mat warrior and can power out of any hold. He possess knowledge of many submission moves but also has the brute strength to maul his opponents. Rick began in pro wrestling a few years before his brother, setting up the "Varsity Club," along with Mike Rotunda and Steve Williams. Contrary to popular belief, Rick Steiner has been a singles champion before and once held the NWA World Television Title (While Scott was injured).

The Steiners jumped from WCW to WWF briefly. In their short WWF stint, they won the titles twice (from Money Inc.) and they feuded with The Nasty Boys, Money Inc., and The LOD. the Steiners returned to WCW. Some time after resigning with WCW in 1996, the Steiners defeated the Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) to win their 4th WCW Tag title at the first NWO Souled Out. However, that decision was overturned by WCW/NWO head Eric Bischoff, who forced the Steiners to give up the belts.

After the Steiner Bros. split up, they both remained in the WCW until it was bought out by the WWE. After their tag team years, Scott Steiner enjoyed a fair amount of singles success, but his career has always been plagued by injuries and frequent roid rages, keeping him from achieving any sort of greatness. Rick, on the other hand, toiled as a horrible singles wrestler until the end of WCW.

[Edited on 3/7/04 by TRD]

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