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WWE: Chavo Classic drugged and robbed?

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posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 02:17 PM
Chavo Classic had been telling people that he left the WWE because he had been mad at the storylines they were trying to get him to do, and that they weren't treating him like a legendary wrestling on TV.

Here's a story that has not yet been reported. When WWE company officials finally got in contact with Chavo after he no-showed the St. Louis and Springfield house shows, Chavo claimed that he was drugged and robbed, which was why he was out of contact with the company. The story that he gave was that he had gotten a $6,500 check and then went out to El Paso to celebrate, before being drugged and rolled.

Given Chavo's past track record, management did not buy the story at all due to the fact that Chavo had been totally out of contact for two straight days. Also, the fact that he had never told this story to anyone else after being fired may indicate that they are correct in their assumptions. A funny story nonetheless.

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