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WWE: Ernie Roth "The Grand Wizard"

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posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 01:18 PM

In his younger days, Ernie Roth was a radio announcer, and it showed whenever he stepped in front of the camera. As the Grand Wizard of Wrestling, the ostentatious Ohioan could turn a phrase better than anyone in his era.

Roth had a number of other identities in the wrestling world, most notably Abdullah Farouk, manager of the original Sheik. As the Grand Wizard, the advisor dressed in deliberately mismatched clothes, most notably his spangly turban and wrap around sunglasses.

While his proteges including Sergeant Slaughter, Ernie Ladd and Blackjack Mulligan manhandled their opponents, the Wizard commanded the microphone. His finest accomplishment: managing, Superstar Billy Graham on the night that he dethroned Bruno Sammartino for the WWE championship in 1977.

WWE Hall of fame

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