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Basketball: Jay Williams (Duke) to Toronto?

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posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 08:22 AM
Well, lately in the rumour mill, there has been the rumour that Toronto is looking at former Duke star Jay Williams. They looked at him for a 10-day contract for the end of this season but the trainers said he would not be able to be re-evaluated for another 5 months. Instead, Toronto signed Omar Cook to a 10-day contract.

Toronto Manager Rob Babcock said that they would keep looking in at him but he knew that there would be other teams would looking to get him also.

You have to looks at though he is coming back from a motorcycle accident where it almost took his life. He has been training to get back into form for the past couple of years now.

If Williams was to come to Toronto, there PG spot would be overflowing. They have Rafer Alston, Milt Palacio, Alvin Williams, and (if it happens) newly acquired Jay Williams. I think that Milt Palacio should be let go. They would also have 4 Williams (Eric, Alvin, Aaron, Jay) if Eric wants to stay (Which we all know he doesn't).

The question is, what do you think that should do with the PG spot? DO you think this will help them out? Do you think they should switch Rafer to the SG and put Alvin in at the point and make Jay the back-up? You make the call!

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