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Baseball: Baseball Trivia Question #11---100 XBH in one season, Part 2

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posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 11:24 PM
As I said in Part One of this Question, since the year 1995, four players have had one season in which they racked up 100 extra-base hits, and one other player has had TWO seasons--aided by his home park--in which he racked up 100 extra-base hits. I will provide three pieces of info as to these guys: (1) the years, (2) the numbers of extra-base hits, and (3) THE TEAMS.

Hootie gets his normal 24-hour respite, with my thanks in advance.
OK, TRD and Gibbs and IA Clonz and everyone, nail me:

1. 107 extra-base hits, 2001, San Francisco Giants***

2. 105 extra-base hits, 2001, Colorado Rockies

3. 103 extra-base hits, 1995, Cleveland Indians

4. 103 extra-base hits, 2000, Colorado Rockies

5. 103 extra-base hits, 2001, Chicago Cubs***

6. 100 extra-base hits, 2001, Arizona Diamondbacks

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 02:53 PM
The 4 in 2001 are Bonds-107, Todd Helton-105, Sammy Sosa-103, Luis Gonzalez-100. In 2000 Helton had 103. And in 1995 Albert Belle had 103.

If the asterisks didn't give two of them away I don't know what would have.

Hey everyone, I hate not being around very much anymore. I have been busting my a** trying to get ahead and don't have much time for recreation. Talk to you guys later and God Bless you all.

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 05:48 PM

Congratulations, IA Clonz, and real good to "see" you again.

One day soon, I have a promise to keep.

I said I was going to write a piece as Barry Bonds' advocate... NOT a willfully blind bunch of illogical b.s., but a case which takes the obvious realities of the situation and portrays them in the most favorable light possible to Bonds. And, as much as this may surprise you, my pal IA C, I don't think it will be that difficult.

Considering some of the people/monsters I've defended, and that all Bonds has really done is cheat BETTER than everyone else in this cheater-filled time, because he was a far better natural player than everyone else, I actually will have a pretty strong case to make. (Anyone remember Robert Shaw's great line about Paul Newman, spoken to one of Shaw's henchmen in "The Sting": "What was I supposed to do? Accuse him of cheating better than me?")

Now that I've read about what kind of foul person Tris Speaker was throughout his career--he consciously set out to be Ty Cobb #2, and was just as bigoted...even more so against Catholics...just not as violent. I'm reminded once again that even though I utterly detest Bonds, there have been plenty of great players who were worse people. I'd include Ted Williams in that list.

So--as much as it will make me sick--I'm soon going to write an ostensibly impassioned defense of Barry Bonds the ballplayer and his phenomenal feats, his four seasons which nobody not named "Babe Ruth" can approximate. (And even Ruth can't touch the season Bonds had when he walked over 200 times and had an on-base percentage over .630, I believe, but that's just stupidity of managers at work, there... giving away a HUGE number of bases in return for ZERO outs. They did the same with Ruth, but not like THAT.)

But IA C, my pal, please remember I'm doing it in the spirit of fair advocacy and trying to help not only others, but also MYSELF, to see both sides of a very important baseball case honestly. I'm not doing it because I've decided Bonds is any less of a puke.

I also could write a very long, detailed argument that the greatest player of all time--to this date--was and is TY COBB. And quite a number of hardcore baseball history fans would agree with me. When I first started studying baseball history at age 8 in 1961 (roughly), opinions were about evenly divided between Cobb and Ruth as the game's greatest. Those arguments can still be made for Cobb, though improved understandings of stats made them more difficult.


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