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What no Antipodean Rugby Posts?

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posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 03:02 PM

England-31.....All Blacks-28

posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 03:33 PM
Congrats JohnBull...though there would be few looks of surprise on most Kiwis faces...we have been saying for some time now in this country that the All Blacks would lose to England as they have too many new players and quite frankly the All Blacks are a second rate side at the moment.

Felt so strongly about it I placed $50 on England to yay!

But don't let that distract you from the pleasure of the win...given that it must be a rare occurance - this being of course only your 5th win ever against the All Blacks since we first met in 1905...


[Edited on 9-11-2002 by alien]

posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 05:49 PM
Kiwis lose? where? ... or you mean our B grade rugby team that almost snatched victory from Englands National side...

Not bad considering the top 20 players are at home waiting for the world Cup ... afterall thats more important than playing England

Mind you we did send Lomu, and he should have been able to beat you by himself ... must have been feeling a bit off on the day...

posted on Nov, 9 2002 @ 10:56 PM
...just don't mention the League...hehehe...

posted on Nov, 10 2002 @ 10:18 AM
Above all - and I had the chance to watch it at 1 a.m. on satellite- a great game: All Blacks (even with all the flak ever since the Aussies annihilated them) as strong as ever and Lomu amazing.
Jonny Wilkinson indisputably world-class to and a plague on video-referees.
The rugby League gane was also, apparently, very good.
Veil of silence over cricket, gentlemen,please.

posted on Nov, 10 2002 @ 10:20 AM
However, those familiar with Estragon's theory of Divine retribution and the Kylie Minogue factor will know that England's winning anything may well be the prelude to a time of immense cosmic upheaval.
Expect magnetic poles flipping, plagues of frogs, the Thames running with blood and the worst ever Christmas records

posted on Nov, 10 2002 @ 10:34 AM
I'm more of a soccer fan.

But I'd heard the Kiwi forwards were inexperienced at that level also England had home advantage yet it was still very close and nobody over here is writing off the All blacks when it really matters.

I did watch the Ausie-Ireland Game live.Both Ireland and Wales are having a bit of a renaisence which can only be good for Rugby Union and the Six Nations later.

As for League.We celebrate when we win one game in a test against either NZ or AUS and we play as GB.


posted on Nov, 10 2002 @ 10:47 AM
Good point about Great Britain as the Rugby League side, JB -hence to be ignored by all Englishmen.
The strength of the All-Blacks is controversial; but I work with a couple of Kiwis who insist that the controversy is all media hype.
I'll just settle with the observation that it was the best game I'd seen for a long time.
WE get premiership soccer all the time out here but actualy getting to see Rugby is a rare treat.

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