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posted on Nov, 18 2003 @ 01:21 PM
for a refresher-->

couple comet encke with solar activity-->

Not being a weaver of tales, you will have to do most of the connectiveness & synchronicity aspects yourselves.

comet? Encke, this time around is heading into a violent sun spot & CME trajectory environment...its path at this Time was to be uneventful with the solar activity at the cyclic 'down-turn' or 'Quiet' period of a solar 11 year cycle

There is the fly-in-the-ointment...the sun is overly & extremely violent at present...
I see the Encke comet/asteroid doing some unexpected light shows as it plows toward the sun, (in line with Mccanney model->

This present time, has a lot of stuff in the stew-pot,
for instances: Encke comes around during the Ramadan
of 2 eclipses (1 lunar, 1 solar)
Prophecy states...signs & wonders, sun/moon/heavens
Encke traverses the Sagittarius A Galactic center where also the Mayan 'tree of life' resides (esp for 2012 date)
Encke travels a circuit which corresponds/connects with
biblical 7 year period= final week.....follow this meme;
-->Encke orbit-> 3+ years(1/2 week) observed in Southern Hemisphere
-->Encke orbit-> 3+ years(1/2 week) observed in Northern Hemisphere
==ergo-> in 7 years(1 week prophecy time) comet Encke appears to ALL the world in 2 orbits (2 ea, 1/2 week divisions)**this division is important in the apocalypse prophecy, because 1/2 the week, the AC anti-christ is making peace ect-> then 1/2 the week, the AC is engaged in the Armageddon wars etc

considering that comets throughout history have been viewed as evil & harbringers of war/pestilence et al...
why not this frequent visitor?? named Encke

BTW the named Encke has a similar familiar connectivity, because sitchens works & summerian myths have the name ENNUKI...check it out

there are too many filligrees & curley-Qs in this Fractal
to be coincidence...
if Encke dosent Flare Up, or display Unusual Activity, and make some sorta news in the next 40 days....
then stone me

my POV is that Prophecy is like highway roadsigns,
ie; falling rocks/ wildlife crossing/ slippery/ steep grade!

predictions are short term occurances.....
based on these long term prophecies

careful where you step, along your journey

->[com' of ya'll was supposto post this, not me]


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