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legalize prostitution?

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posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 10:17 AM
There are a stack of what I might consider demeaning jobs that I might not like my own family to do, not just sex-work.

I'd like it if no-one ever had to 'commodify' themselves, in a manner they would prefer not to, just to get by.....and that sure as hell applies to a damned sight more in the world of work than just 'sex-work'.

I've been around long enough to know that the representation of this line of activity as being a completely drug-saturated coerced nightmare is not the whole story.

But it is true that it is for some........which is why I think that extending the law, regulation, health services and a degree of control in this area would be a good thing to do.

If any of mine ever did find themselves doing this I'd far rather they do it in the sight of society and not be kept 'out of sight and out of mind'.

There'll probably always be someone caught at the very margins but we can surely narrow that possibility and do better than we are by adopting a much more open and realistic approach.

Just because we can't achieve a 100% perfect 'solution' that is surely no sane reason not to try and make things 50% better, right?

posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 10:01 PM

Originally posted by infinite
its exploitation of women.

selling one's body as a trade is just plain wrong.

Why do you decide it is exploitation?

Sorry mate, but I have a friend who works as a stripper. Everytime she meets someone, they go on about how bad her job is, how she is being exploited and how it is for her body. Yet, she earns more than people I know with their Master's degree. On a good week she takes home over £1000 and she works in the town I live in which is fairly small. If she decides she wants to do this - why do you get to say otherwise?

If I want to sell my body for sex and people wish to pay me, why do you get a say in this?

This whole moral legislation is a joke. It's the Government and people picking what is "right" for me to do and what is "wrong" for me to do. If I do no harm to her, if she is willing and I am willing, what's the real issue here?

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